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sumaya Boomgaard
10-04-2005, 03:04 PM
Bismillahir Raghmaanir Ragheem
Assalaamu alaykum wa raghmatullah wa barakaatu
Alhamdolilah now that the Exams are over we need to focus on the next project. Remember the test results are only a reflection of what u understand and remember and an indication of what you need to readdress and per chance varify the information you took / wrote down during the lectures.

With that said: I would like to introduce myself ( Sumaya Boomgaard) and Sr Farah Anwarullah as your newly appointed " Events Coordinators", for MI. We are responsible for arranging and organising events between classes for the purpose of socialising in an Islamic environment ( fostering bonds between students ) and secondly for us as Qabeelat to service our communities.

Insha Allaah, we have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming Humanitarian Day scheduled for 10/23 in the Metro Detroit area. Kindly refer to the attachments for more information about the event. In addition I have attached a volunteer sign up form, please complete and email to me directly at: sumayabg@yahoo.com (http://us.f610.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=sumayabg@yahoo.com) so that I may submit all the forms together to the organisers. The specific assignments will be given in due time. If you are in a position to donate supplies or offer financial assistance, please either inform me or contact the organisers directly.

Also: insha Allaah there will be an Iftar during October, details to follow.

In participating in the above events, we as a Qabeelat, will have fulfilled the requirements for the month of Ramadaan set by Al - Maghrib.

Lastly: please fwd information or suggestions about programs / events you think will be in keeping with the objective of this subcommittee. You may email me @ the above address or Sr Farah @ : farahmed@umich.edu (http://us.f610.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=farahmed@umich.edu)

Jazaakum Allaah khairan
Ramadaan Mubarak to you and your family

sumaya Boomgaard
10-04-2005, 03:10 PM
Assalaamu alaykum
Raniah will send the attachments
Jazaakum Allaah khair

10-04-2005, 03:13 PM
Here is the flier

10-04-2005, 03:24 PM
As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

Ramadan Mubarak to my Ittihaadi sisters! Wow! an AMI iftar, coordinated by Sumaya and Farah. I am loooking forward to all these events :)


10-10-2005, 01:41 PM
As salaamu alaikum

The PDF Flier has been posted...but where is the volunteer form, or is it not needed anymore?