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10-11-2005, 06:25 AM
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,


NAMF (http://www.namf.ca/) is currently collecting supplies to send a shipment through PIA THIS Friday, Oct 14th’2005. Pakistan International Airlines has offered to take these supplies free of cost Alhumdulilah for all schedule flights to Pakistan.

Though the best form of donation is monetary, we STRONGLY urge to donate in away way that is possible for you. The supplies that are urgently needed are medical supplies and infant supplies inshAllah. For safety/hygiene concerns, we are only collecting NEW/UNUSED items please! Here’s the list:

- Masks
- Antibiotics – for malaria, dysentery, diarrhea, and other water diseases
- Pain relief – aspirin, syrups, tablets
- Band aids/bandages

- Baby formula (powder and liquid)
- Baby food
- Milk Bottles/feeders/pacifiers
- Other baby products

- Tents
- Blankets – clean and in good condition
- Non-perishable food items (canned/dry)
- Bottled water
- Cooking Utensils

Again, monetary donations are deemed better since the cost of these items will be much cheaper there than when it is bought here. Your monetary donations are tax deductible inshAllah and can be made via paypal or over the phone at 416.299.1969 or by cash inshAllah.

All supplies/items NEED to reach the NAMF centre/drop-off centres no later than THURSDAY, OCT 13th before Maghrib.


Mississauga: For drop off locations in Mississauga, please contact myself at ameerah.majd@almaghrib.ca (ameerah.majd@almaghrib.ca) or 416.722.7884 OR Sister Nadia at 647.893.8550 OR Brother Omair at omairrana@gmail.com (omairrana@gmail.com). Please ensure that these are dropped off well before the deadline as we will be taking the supplies to the NAMF centre in Scarborough.

Scarborough: InshAllah you can drop off the supplies to the NAMF centre itself at:

D6-63 Silver Star Blvd. Scarborough, M1V 5E5
Tel: 416.299.1969
email: namf@bellnet.ca (namf@bellnet.ca)

Toronto/Etobicoke/North York: If you would like to be a representative, please contact myself or sister Nadia inshAllah.

We are currently looking for volunteers who are willing to drive to the centre with the supplies. We're also need volunteers to pack boxes on Thursday night at the NAMF centre before the supplies are flown out the next day. Please contact us if you can help out inshAllah.

Lastly, please make special dua for the victims. SubhanAllah, an entire generation of people have been wiped out in certain areas of Pakistan. Make dua that Allah SWT alleviate the suffereing of these people. May Allah SWT grant them patience to endure the hardships that they are going through. May Allah SWT increase them in their faith and provide them with strength and courage in these trying times. May ALlah SWT grant the deceased His Mercy and Forgiveness and make Janatul Firdaus as their final abode. Ameen.

JazakAllah Khairn
Wasalamu ALaikum Wa Rahmatullah

10-12-2005, 08:35 PM
and in this holy month of Ramadan, Ameen Ya Rabb!!

everyone, please make sure to do something to help them out... and yes du3aa is something :)