View Full Version : Liar Liar

~Oum AbdurRahman~
08-24-2007, 03:10 PM

I have a close friend of mine who is going through some serious marital discord.

She complains to me that her husband uses the hadeeth *Cannot quote it because I do not have it memorized) in order to lie to her. He says that it's perfectly halal for him to lie to his wife.

It's gone as far as him saying that he'll do something, and then later on not fulfill what he said he'd do, and he uses the excuse that it's okay to lie to her and say whatever in order to make her happy. But later on he proves that he cannot be trusted.

Now she always doubts everything he does and says, and cannot decipher between whether he's telling her the truth or not.

Please help me to help her Sheikh Yaser, as they have a small baby, and they're marriage is about to end, and divorce is always on the table with them.

Thank you.