View Full Version : Yatafakaroon and Yatadabaroom

05-28-2008, 04:48 PM
assalamualaikum Sheikh,

May Allah reward you immensely for your patience answering our questions.

I still need some clarity between Yatafakaroon ( reflection) and Yatadabaroom ( pondering).

To me, both terms are similar in meanings. If you can help give an example too that would be great.

05-28-2008, 06:09 PM
Until shaykh Yaser answers, I can share what i've learned from a linguistic perspective...

yatafakaroon, from faa kaaf raa or fikr, Aaso can be from the root firak, faa raa kaaf and this literally means to struggle to understand, to dig, to strach, to peel. You "dig" into books. like the person doesn't just sit there, they really deeply, struggle to understand and ponder.

yatadabbaroon, from daal ba raa or dubr, and this means back (like the body part). So when one thinks, they get to to the root, the core of something. Also means to perform or execute the affair with thought or consideration, devise or plan the affair with thought or consideration, devise or plan the affair, regulate.Consequence, result.

A really great resource that I recommend for root words and literal definitions is number one, Lane's Lexicon, you can find it online and also a site known as "Project Root List" (Just google it inshaAllah, it should be the first site up inshaAllah). its very easy to find roots alhamdulillah.

and Allah ta'ala knows best