View Full Version : Book Suggestions on Marriage ? ?

Al Madrasi
07-08-2008, 06:33 AM
1) The Marriage Series by Sheikh Muhammad Al Jibaly would suffice . Its a series of 3 + 1 books . The fourth book is for the newborns . Its comprehensive and has authentic hadith only . Another good book for welcoming the new born is available in the market by Sheikh Arefee . Thats a good one as well .

2) The Etiquette of Marriage by Sheikh Naseeruddin Albani . This is also a concise and brief booklet that is excellent with only authentic ahadith .

3) Marital Discord (The niyyah is NOT to discourage the couple !! :) ) , but this book contains good stuff as well and there is a lot of goodness in this book.

4) Muslim Marriage guide by Ruqayya Waris . Contains some stuff which may not be all that authenticated , but still beneficial . This would be last on my wishlist !

5) Enter into Islam series by Al Jibaly - Worship during Haydh .

Last but not the least , I would suggest Riyadhus Saliheen , Minhaj ul Muslim and Bulugh Al Maram with notes from Subul as Salaam (All Darussalam ) and the Inevitable Journey series by Jibaly as excellent marriage gifts . Bulugh Al Maram in particular is an underrated book in the English speaking world !!

Mehreen Khan
07-16-2008, 09:57 PM
Blissful Marriage by Drs. Ekram and M. Rida Beshir :)

Really simple and practical...lots of good advice too!