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sister islam
03-14-2009, 11:37 AM
Assalam alaykum bros and sis,

Living in Dubai for the past 7 years and living all the rest of my life in Australia, I can't help notice the number of Muslim bros who prefer to marry non muslim women.

I truely believe this is a shame for a number of reasons but I'll just point out afew, and may inshallah this encourage the bros to marry from our muslim sis, or atleast maybe incourage the bros to help encorage other muslim bros to do so.....

1. If a large number of muslim bros marry non muslim women, alot of muslim sis will be forced to be single, which may lead 2 alot of haram things within time.

2. Not all sis want 2 b 2nd wives, so not all will approve to marry a man who's already married particularly if the other wife is a non muslim.

3. STDs: alot of non muslim women r sexually active early in life and may have contracted an STD which may or not be evident at the time of marriage, so this may be passed on to the muslim bro, so if in the future he happens to marry a muslim sis, he may pass this on to her.

4. Culture clash: In the begining things may b fine but later on, particulary when the couple have children (and if the bro is a practicing muslim), problems are more likely to occur (particularly in regards to the upbringing of the children).

5. If divorce does occur, most likely the mother would take custody of the children, which means they would be brought up as non muslims.

6. Non muslim women are not as obedient as the muslim sisters.

These r just afew of many examples, and I hope that all the muslim brothers will find themselves in wedlock with a practicing muslim sister inshallah, because the closer the sister is to Allah, the happier and easier you will find your marriage to be.

A happy marriage requires work from both partners, it just doesn't happen, if 1 is muslim and the other is not, or 1 is a practicing muslilm and the other 1 isn't, u will find that often they r on different wavelenghts (no matter how compatable they r), and sooner or later their marriage starts to fall apart unless 1 or the other sacrifices their beliefs (and may that inshallah not be the sacrifice of the good muslim).

Muslim brothers, we all know that u r permitted to marry from the ppl of the book, but in my own opinion it's wiser to marry a muslim sister for your dunya and your akhira.

Thankyou 4 bearing with me,
wasalam alaykum