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Not Your Average Saturday

October 31st may have read "Halloween" on my calendar, but I didn't go the traditional route as many other youth would on this day. Instead, friends and I helped plant 4 trees and a multitude of shrubs on the Newark campus of Rutgers University. This was my first time planting trees and what better place than on the campus I've graduated from and currently work for. Tree planting sounds like a job meant for Paul Bunyan himself, but one would be amazed at how it takes only two people to successfully plant a tree.

After being given a demonstration of a tree planting by Shannon Buckley, our group split up and began planting. The youth enjoyed planting their own shrubs they had reserved around campus before rushing to plant the four large trees in the campus' plaza. I really enjoyed planting each tree I helped get into the ground and the entire event. I am very proud to take my daily walks to the campus center on my lunch time as I get to pass every tree we helped plan that day. It is a remarkable feeling of accomplishment that only a few know how those trees landed in their respective spots, but all will see once they bloom. The weather that day was fair, but the experience was perfect.

Knowing that you’re helping the planet by such a simple act, along with the thought that this tree will benefit humans and animals now and long after we’re gone is truly inspiring. Furthermore, it affords us the opportunity to build connections with each other as we work side by side to contribute to our society. These are some of the major aims of SimplyAct; to organize the efforts of everyday people in a fun and engaging way to give back to society and make a big difference with simple, yet meaningful actions.

For more information about SimplyAct and our projects, feel free to contact us at info@simplyact.org

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