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02-14-2011, 09:24 AM
Any Muslim Who Expert in Comparative Religion 'urgently' needed (volunteer position)

Assalamua'alikum wr wb dear brothers and sisters,

I just visited this site >> http://bit.ly/dT9JeD. It's good site for da'wa and spread the truth of Islam. However, there is a guy name Abraham >> http://bit.ly/hteseE who try to spread the wrong image of Islam.

There are some sisters and brothers who ask questions about their really miserable conditions. They might be in a really pathetic state and they expect a good answer about how they should do peace(sabr) and remain a good muslim. But unknowingly and unfortunately they post the question to Mr.Abraham. Sometimes he says sorry i clarify only regarding christianity. Thats ok but sometimes he says 'Islam is not the solution for this problem, u will have to remain in misery, the only solution is to become christian and follow Jesus(pbuh). Imagine how the person will feel after reading this. It will make him/her even more vulnerable and lose faith in Allah.

So, can anyone here be a volunteer there section of Christianity and Judaism to spread the true meaning of the Creator and to defend Islam in front of man like Mr. Abraham. I'm already there and unfortunately I have lack of knowledge in comparative religion. Just like the Sunnah said, one who wants to spread da'wa, he/ she must adequate knowledge.

So please any brothers sisters who are willing to defend the message of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), have adequate knowledge and wants to spread the divine religion, join this website (Christianity or Judaism section), simply to *fight back* Mr. Abraham and defend Islam. May Allah rewards those who sincerely willing to join this section, purely for the sake of Allah. Thank you.

Wassalamua'ailakum wr wb