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04-30-2005, 11:20 AM
Assalamu Alaikum,

Taken from Abnaa-ul-Islam... The Children of Islam (http://www.msu.edu/~azeezfar)


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Ahh, good ole summer vacation. Time to chill, kick back, and relax huh? No more school, no more homework, no more fitnah (well, at least less of it). That time of year when you are counting down the days until school is out is upon us again. Some of us are fortunate enough to witness this time again, while others unfortunately did not make it and had their time come when they were to meet Allah (SWTA), and in His hand is all that is good.

Funny thing is, although we look forward to the end of school so much, it seems, five, six, maybe even 15 days into summer vacation, we are all bored to death, either staring at the television for six hours straight or sleeping for 14 hours a day. It seems many of us get into that mode, sleep, wake up, eat, watch TV, chat online, sleep, wake up.... etc. And you guys know exactly what I am talking about.

So, to avoid yet another boring and wasted summer vacation, here are some ideas that maybe we can try. Because as Muslims, we want to, now more than ever, try and utilize our time as much as possible. One way to do that is to have to have some goals for yourself, both short term and long term.

Once, there were four young men chilling at the Ka'bah talking (by the way, look, the teenagers of the Prophet's time would chill at the Ka'bah, while the teenagers of our time are chillin in the malls and at the movie theaters... Subhan Allah... how times have changed). So, Urwah Ibn Zubair, his two brothers Zubair and Mus'ab, and Malik Ibn Marwan, were talking, and one of them said, “Let's wish for something in the future.” So, Zubair, he said that, one day, I want to be the Khalifah of Al-Hijaz (the area of Mekkah and Medina). Mus'ab said that I'm going to beat you, I want to be the Khalifah of Iraq (May Allah (SWTA) free it and grant its inhabitants patience and victory. Ameen). Malik Ibn Marwan said that I’m going to beat all of you guys, I want to be the Khalifahtul Ard, the Khalifah of everything. Then Urwah said that may Allah (SWTA) reward you guys for your infatuation with this Dunya, but for me, I want to be a scholar who acts on what he knows. So they all had these long term goals in their life, and Subhan Allah, they all got what they wanted. Zubair became the Khalifah of Al-Hijaz and eventually was murdered by the army of Al-Hajjaj. Mus’ab became the Khalifah of Iraq. Malik Ibn Marwan became one of the Khalifahs of Islam. And as for ‘Urwah, he became a scholar. So they had these long term goals and stuck to them and by the will and mercy of Allah (SWTA), were able to fulfill them. So, what’s one quick lesson we can take, we should have some long term goals in our life, where do we want to be 10, 20, 50 years from now?

But also, we need to have some short term goals as well, which is the point of this email. Since summer vacation is near, and we know that we are going to end up being bored to death, set some goals for yourself to utilize your time and accomplish some things. Here are some ideas. Try and set goals for yourself in three areas, we can call them the Three E’s.

The first E is in your Eman. Try and have some goals for your Eman, because we need to consistently watch our Eman-ometer and make sure it’s at a high level so we can try and better our relationship with Allah (SWTA). How? By doing more Ibadaat, or worship. Try and have some specific things that you want to accomplish that will increase your Eman. Maybe one of us, like myself, needs to review the Qur’an we memorized. So, in the summer, say, I’m going to review the 30th Juz’ and make sure I got that down good. Or maybe you can promise yourself that you are going to read one page of Qur’an every day in Arabic AND in the language you understand it. Or maybe fasting every Monday and Thursday. Or maybe praying at least twice a month in the last third of the night when no one is around…there are countless things you can do. The list is endless, so try and choose some things and implement them.

Second, Education. Try and increase your knowledge, both Islamic and perhaps for your school or personal interest. Maybe you can set a goal for yourself that in the summer, I am going to finish reading a book on the Seerah of the Prophet http://www.msu.edu/~azeezfar/saws.gif. Or maybe I am going to take some classes to increase my knowledge (there are different summer classes you can take for very minimal cost, like the MAS Summer program for example). It is important to read. Read and learn about your religion, about the history of America, the history of the world… it’s important that we learn about these things.

Lastly, Exercise. It is very important that we take care of the bodies Allah (SWTA) has blessed us with. The Prophet http://www.msu.edu/~azeezfar/saws.gif is reported to have said, "The strong is better and more beloved to Allah (SWTA) than the weak believer, and in both there is good." So try to have some exercise program for yourself. Maybe hit the weights three times a week, or some sort of cardio work out, some thing that will keep your body in shape.

Lastly, before I end, I just wanted to say that you may find it helpful to you if you can get some friends with you and have some group goals. Like for example, say you decided you want to learn Surah Al-Nisaa’ this summer, talk to some of your friends and see if you can get any of them on board too, and if you can, it’ll help you stay on track and finish up what you started. And also, since you called them to the good, Insha’Allah you’ll get similar to their rewards, in addition to your own. Same thing applies for working out. Get together with your friends and go the GYM. Those of you who work out know it’s very helpful to have some friends with you. Even with reading a book. Maybe you can meet in a room at the masjid after Jum’ah and read a couple chapters every week. You should be able to finish a couple books by the end of the summer. Start some programs in your masjid and try to get people using their time for a good cause.

Author: Farhan Abdul Azeez, 18

Note from Author: A lot of what was mentioned above was taken from different Sheikh Suhaib Webb (may Allah (SWTA) reward and protect him) lectures. I just thought I’d pass the information on.


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allahi Wa Barakatuh

04-30-2005, 02:45 PM
Asalam u Alaikum

I think summer vacations are an excellent time to spend with your parents. Helping your mom around the house, going out with your father, being nice to your siblings etc etc. After all they are our key to jannah inshAllah!!

Jaza ka Allah khair!