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Re: Question about Perished Nations

wa Alaikom Assalam wa Rahmtullah,

Perished Nations is a 4 part series.
1st: Qawm Hood (A'aad)
2nd: Qawm Salih (Thamood)
3rd:Qawm Loot (The people of Loot)
4th: Qawm fer'awn - The people of Fer'aw ( Moosa Alaihi Assalam)

There are no more lectures coming out. We can ask the Shaikh Hafidhahullah for more lectures, etc. We can make some noise, like Shaikh Muhammad likes to say .
Here is the link to Part two of the 4 part series, Thamood, and inshaAllah you can click on the second part and it worked fine for me, if not, let me know and we wll see if we can work something out.

P.S All the lectures, the 4 of them, are available on this site, including some articles written by the Shaikh's Sister.

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