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Re: Full Fledge Efforts (FFE)

Originally Posted by Ammar123
AL Salamo Alikum Wa Rahmato Allahi Wa Barakatoh

Alright, with two weeks left before LULL, we need to revive this thread and motivation.
I can sense a lot of cold feet. We are not as hard-driven as we were in the last class.
Siblings, we need to push it.
Today is friday. It is the best day to invite people to register for the class. Just take a couple sheets of paper and have people register. You know what? Take their credit card info, too. We need to really start moving.

Inshallah, we all will look forward to each other's comments/achievements to be posted here.

Wa Al Salamo Alikum Wa Rahmato Allahi Wa Barakatoh
JazakAllah khayr ya Ammar! LET'S DO IT
"All my life, I always wanted to be somebody.

Now I see that I should have been more specific."
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