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Yaser Birjas
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Re: Al Itqan Fi Uloom al Qur'an

The book of Imam As-suyooti rahimahullah “Al Itqaan fi Uloom AlQur’an” is one of the most celebrated books in the field of Uloom AlQur’an or the sciences of the Qur’an. Indeed, it deserved all the praise it got. Even though many scholars considered it a modification of the book of Imam Az-zarkashi rahimahullah “AlBurhaan fi Uloom AlQur’an” which is considered the first of its kind on the subject As-suyooti was able to surpass the book of Az-zarkashi in the organization and expansion on the subject by adding more pertinent topics to the filed not found in any other work on Uloom AlQur’an.

As-suyooti a great scholar of Hadith was however, criticized for the weak narrations he filled his book with without writing any commentary on them; some of these narrations were serious and became the justification of many orientalists to target the Qur’an with their criticism.

Our Sheikh, Hazem Haydar hafidhahullah –who currently gives Ijaaza in Qiraa’aat in Masjid An-Naabi salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam - got his doctoral degree on a comparative study of both books Al Itqaan and Al Burhaan. It’s in Arabic only and already available in the market. Since you asked about Al Itqaan, which is, also in Arabic I am assuming that you know Arabic very well. Therefore, I am attaching a pdf file of the book of our sheikh hafidahuillah for you to look at. This file includes the first edition of the book; a new and better edition that has some additions and corrections is available now. I still couldn’t find the file for it yet.

Al Itqaan is a kind of hard to study on your own unless you have a good background on this subject. I recommend for beginners to start with a book like Mabaahith fi Uloom AlQur’an by sh. Manaa’ Al Qattan; you can study this one easily insha’Allah.

Finally, it is always better for the student of knowledge to find a sheikh to read the book with and study the subject.

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