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Post Please READ before posting.

Forums Policies & Guidelines

The purpose of the AlMaghrib Forums is to maintain ties between AlMaghrib Institute and its students locally, nationally, and internationally with in certain guidelines. Those guidelines are as follows:

I. Etiquettes

  • General Etiquettes: Personal insults or disrespectful comments will not be tolerated.
  • Cross-gender Etiquette: Teasing one another, cracking jokes, and friendly conversation between genders is not recommended. A friendly reminder to also refrain from descriptive discussions of a Muslim brother or sister.
  • Etiquette with the Shuyukh: Useless back-and-forth argumentation, insults, or any other disrespectful behavior towards the shuyukh is unacceptable.
  • Ettiquette with Students: Useless back-and-forth argumentation, insults, or any other disrespectful behavior towards other forum members and students is unacceptable.
  • Moderation: Should this behavior take place, moderators have the right to remove the post(s)/thread(s) and a friendly reminder will be given.

II. Profile
  • Usernames: Username displaying similarity to labeled groups or affiliations shall be notified to be changed promptly. AlMaghrib Institute continues to maintain the “non-affiliation” status.
  • Signatures: Users are recommended to display the least personal information possible (refrain from displaying age, BLOG, or Xanga). No outside web links are allowed in signatures.
  • Moderation: Signatures in clear violation of the rules will be edited and a friendly email reminder will be given.

III. Regulatory Policy for Seminar Folders.
  • Supervision: Each seminar folder will be supervised by the moderators and when possible, the instructor. Students are asked to remain within the topics discussed specifically in the seminar.
  • Purpose: Seminar folders will be strictly used to address questions from the seminar. Questions may be answered by students who have taken the seminar and when possible, by the instructor. Expression of unreferenced personal opinions on shariah issues or copy/paste fatwa posting is not acceptable and will be removed if posted.
  • Related topic discussion: The folder will also be used to engage in related topics for the seminar.
  • Seminar Notes: Refrain from posting AlMaghrib Seminar Notes online.
  • Moderation: Any and all posts/threads that are in clear violoation of these tules will be removed.

IV. Policy regarding Qabeelah Folders
  • Qabeelah projects:Local Ameer/Ameerah or Qabeelah volunteers reserve the right to initiate threads which promote, advertise, discuss ideas and projects, and events within the Qabeelah.
  • Local Events: Local events must be either AlMaghrib related or sponsored by the qabeelah.
  • Moderation: Any and all posts/threads are in clear violation of these rules will be removed.

V. Advertisement Policy
  • Event Announcements: Besides AlMaghrib family, i.e. EmanRush, and DiscoverU, NO announcements, advertisements, or promos of any event or organization will be allowed on the student forums.
    • Exceptions
      • Event features AlMaghrib Instructors
      • Event is officially co-sponsored by the Qabeelah or endorsed by AlMaghrib Institute
      • Local or national event where AlMaghrib Institute or a Qabeelah is advertised and the thread is initiated by Ameer/Ameerah or AlMaghrib admin.
  • Outside Links: By default, links of any website besides AlMaghrib family, i.e EmanRush, and DiscoverU, are not allowed on AlMaghrib Institute student forumunless posted by AlMaghrib admin or staff

    • Exceptions
      • AlMaghrib students asking for directions for the class or for an event sponsored or approved by the Qabeelah admin, i.e map links.
      • Links leading to audio/video of AlMaghrib Instructors
      • Links leading to audio/video promoting AlMaghrib seminars, i.e. Trailers, Newsletters, GemReels, Testimonials etc.
      • Links posted by AlMaghrib Instructors
      • Queries for places to pray, stay or halal restaurants from global AlMaghrib community.

VI. Disciplinary Measures

AlMaghrib Institute Forums Administration reserves the right to close or remove any threads if any of the forum policies are violated. Failure to comply with policies stated above may result in disciplinary measures as follows:

  • 1st offense: Reminder issued.
  • 2nd offense: One week suspension from the Student Forums.
  • 3rd offense: FINAL offense: User BANNED
Jazakum Allah khayr for reading. Enjoy and may you benefit from the forums.

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