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Re: Rays of Faith:Testimonials and Ambiance


Disclaimer: Anything I write about this class will do NO justice to actually experiencing it and taking it. As there are definitely feelings that cannot possibly be put to words, it can only be felt in the depths of your heart and soul....and that is definitely what Shaykh Waleed made me feel for this class and for Islam in general.

RAYS OF FAITH has left me with a bittersweet feeling in the end. I have Thanked Allah everyday from the depths of my soul for blessing me with this class and especially for giving me the opportunity to learn from Shaykh Waleed, AlHamdulillah. One of the worst moments for me was during the last couple of minutes of the class when Shaykh Waleed finished with his concluding heart actually hurt! InshAllah, I would definitely take this class again in a heartbeat... As Shaykh Waleed himself said in the begining of the class that everytime he teaches this course, he learns something new.

Here are some of the benefits I have gained from this class [ones that I can actually explain and put into words]:
I now understand why Shaykh Waleed won the Qur'an competition...every recitation of the Quran he did just BLEW us away and gave us goosebumps.
- I FINALLY understood Qadr in a SIMPLE way that made perfect sense
- I am no longer affraid of jinns/possession!!! Seriosly, that was a big thing for me... and the Shaykh made us realize that those who are constantly asking Allah for protection will never be afflicted by jinns
- I was dumbfounded at much knowledge Shakykh Waleed has and how simple he made everything sound in the end
- I LOVED how he presented the entire course, mashAllah it was executed BEAUTIFULLY... and how he gave us all of the hadiths, the opinions of every sect and in the end the Ahlu Sunnah opinion. I was dumbfounded at how he remembered the exact wordings and opinions and everything...SubhanaAllah
- I LOVE ANGELS, subhanAllah after learning about their purpose and how they are the only creations that execute the commands of Allah and subhanAllah...I can't wait to see the 8 Angels that will carry the THRONE of Allah (subhana wa ta'ala)
- Shaykh Waleed made the class sooooo fun and enjoyable and he made us LOVE learning about our Beautiful Deen of Islam...AlHamdulilah, May Allah preserve him and bless his goals.

I could honestly go on forever, but I guess I'll stop here.....anyone who hasn't taken this class and had the chance to is basically A LOSER!!! You missed out on THE BEST CLASS with the GREATEST Shaykh and the FUNNIEST jokes
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