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Western Sunrise: Testimonials and Ambiance

Western Sunrise - Islamic History of Africa, Andalus and America: Testimonials and Ambiance

Originally Posted by Muhammad Alshareef

One thing I have found is that when a new course comes to town, volunteers have a mini hurdle trying to get a 'feel' for a new seminar ... and this effects the enthusiasm by which they encourage others.

The hurdle that then happens is that 'after' they have attended the first weekend, they brag to their friends about how awesome the course was ... but by that time it's too late. People keep missing the train because they get pumped up 'after' the train has left the station.

So ... I would like to make the testimonials and ambiance thread in each course folder. Simply type up your testimonials and what you thought was awesome about the course. Then, those new Qabeelahs that get this course ... all they have to do is come and view this thread, reading it top to bottom, and then they will have the motivational fuel they need to believe in what they encourage people to attend... BEFORE the seminar and not after.

Bismillah ... tell us what you loved about the Western Sunrise seminar, and it's ambiance:

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