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Re: Western Sunrise: Testimonials and Ambiance

As salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullah,

I don't think we in the West understand the monumental importance of learning about the history of Andalus today. In this class, you guys are going to be learning about the end of the Visigothic empire to the Fall of Granada in 1492. To my knowledge, the period after the Fall of Granada is not covered even though Muslims lived in Andalus for almost two hundred years after the Fall. However, from my own reading, as Muslims living in the West today, under Non-Muslim rule, the latter period is even more important to learn!

What happened to the Muslims after the last ruler of Granada (Abu Abdullah the 12th) surrendered the keys of Granada to the Spanish Crown of Castille and thus ended the shining glory that was known as Al Andalus? What were the agreements that took place between the Muslims and the Christian rulers? Did they abide by these agreements? Were the Muslims able to practice their religion in its entirety? What was the opinion of the 'ulema at the time? Did they command the Muslims of Andalus to move to Morroco, or did they allow them to stay and live under non-Muslim rule? Were the Muslims living as free human beings or were they treated as second-class citizens? What are the factors that led to the Inquisition and consequently the complete termination of Islam and Muslims from Andalus?

Brothers and sisters, these are very important questions that you should be asking your selves. I've come across a truly fascinating book which covers this precise period of history. Remember your knowledge of history should not be limited to what you learn in this class. As a fellow Muslim, I exhort you all to start reading more about Andalus, and in particular start with the following book as it is history written from a Muslim perspective (as opposed to the other Oriental books regarding Andalus):

By Ibn Abi Hashim Al Muhajir
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