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Re: Western Sunrise: Testimonials and Ambiance


I'd like to first begin by sincerely thanking Shaykh Abdullah for traveling so far (and we know how far it really was based on the geography he taught us these past two weekends alhamdulillah) to impart extremely beneficial knowledge to the students of Qabeelat Tayybah. We are truly humbled by your taking such strides to teach us. May Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) reward you immensely for your travels, the knowledge you gave us, and the journey you took us on over the course of two beautiful weekends. You are an amazing tour guide of the history of Islam masha'Allah!

Although history has always been my worst subject in school, Shaykh Abdullah has an amazing capability of captivating his audience. His manner, his passion about the topic, and most importantly, the information itself all lend to grabbing the attention of his students. May Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) preserve him and reward him with the highest level of Jennah. Ameen.

I left this seminar with a sense of pride... it is amazing to realize what the Muslimeen achieved in the past. I also left with a sense of purpose... this seminar leads one to think, "If my brothers and sisters in the past were capable of overcoming such obstacles yet they still made incredible strides, what are we waiting for?" May Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) allow us to revive the Islamic spirit and take the positive examples of the success of the Muslimeen to heart. Ameen.

Again, barak Allahu feekum ya shaykhna. Your time with us was truly valuable and you will be missed. Please keep all of your students in your du'aas.
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