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Re: Western Sunrise: Testimonials and Ambiance


This seminar has been enlightening for myself as well as other brothers whom I have spoken to throughout the seminar. One brother from high school said this material that Western Sunrise covers encompasses the global studies subjects that they are currently studying and that this seminar provides a new light of knowledge that their teachers do not teach them. It's untold knowledge - from another perspective.

As Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick mentioned in the seminar: "If you get a 100 on your global studies exam - congratulations - you have now been completely brainwashed!" That is true - completely brainwashed of the stories from the conquerors point of view.

But there exists an AMAZING story that no student in the Western Curriculum has ever been exposed to...and Western Sunrise takes you into a whole different world of history that you have never experienced before.

Prove your teacher wrong!
There is more to the story that you have learned in global studies!

A great seminar to invite your history professors and non-muslim guests.
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