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Re: Western Sunrise: Testimonials and Ambiance

So...this class is a MUST TAKE, ma sha Allah.

It's a great first introduction to AlMaghrib for pretty much everyone. Muslims today barely know half of these facts and non-Muslims need to learn this stuff as well, especially in times like these where we are being painted as the "others."

Dr. Abdullah at one point mentioned that he should not have to be teaching us this information; it should be readily available in every history or global studies book we picked up from first grade and onward.
He is absolutely correct. In fact, the fact that we haven't been taught these important bits of information makes one feel like they've definitely been cheated throughout their lives.

Muslims shaped the world!

And that is not an exaggeration (you'll take it as fact too, once you take the seminar, in sha Allah.)

We need to remember that and be able to share this information with those who haven't been given it before.

Dr. Abdullah's teaching style is another definite reason to take the seminar.
It's one thing to take a history or geography lesson from someone who studied the subject and can read off facts and statistics and it is a completely different thing to be taught by someone who has been to pretty much every place he mentions.

We were shown some of Dr. Abdullah's own pictures in the slides we read from and we were told anecdotes about amazing drivers on mountains and we were shown actual videos of the lands we studied.

The only way we didn't experience these lands was physically, ma sha Allah (and even that was offered by the end.....don't know if that's an ongoing thing so don't take my word for it yet.)

I don't think it matters whether you're a history buff or not.
If you don't know the significance of Timbuktu to the Islamic world,
if you don't know how far ahead of the West that Andalucia was technologically,
if you still believe Christopher Columbus discovered America,
you need to take this seminar.

Jazakum Allah khair for everything, Dr. Abdullah.
In sha Allah we see you back with us soon.


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