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Qabeelat Hosna
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Advice please -- someone told me it might be bidah to...

As salamu alaykum!

I decided to err on the side of caution and post this thread to get advice.

This morning at Fajr I was discussing with a sincere brother ideas for a campaign to increase Fajr attendance at local masajid. He felt that one of the ideas in particular might be bidah.

He reasoned that inviting people to Fajr is an act of worship, so that the burden of defending the idea is on me. So, I am here because I do not have the information I need.

The idea is to announce a target for people in the area: "we want to increase attendance at Fajr by 500 people" or some such figure. Or "we want a minimum of 1,500 people at Fajr by May 1, 2007."

The campaign itself would be built around and emphasize all the hadith that show the virtue and importance of praying Fajr in jamat (for men), and praying Fajr on time (at home or at the masjid, for women).

The purpose of targets is to set perceivable and manageable goals for the people who will do the work of reaching out to persons who are not praying Fajr as they should. Once targets are reached, standards will be raised again, in sha Allah.

Of course, targets do not need to be announced publicly. The people managing the campaign could use undisclosed targets (say week-to-week goals, for example) that let them know if the current efforts are on track or behind schedule.

But announcing them would, I believe, allow more people to buy into the progress.

When I explained all this to the brother his response was simple: if it was such a good idea, I should be able to find some justification/example to back me up in the Quran or sunnah.

When someone tells me something that should make me fear Allah, subhanahu wata ala, I want to be of those who do fear Allah. If this is bidah in a matter of faith, I won't make targets a part of the campaign.

Does anyone have the answer (with explanations) or can anyone point me to where I can do the research? My searches of the forum threads have so far not showed me the answer.

Jazak Allah khair!

Always looking for the best status? Then think more about the status of Allah.

Experience Hosna. May Allah increase you and me in beneficial knowledge, in pure provision, and in accepted deeds. May He make our feet firm on the straight path.

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Muhammad Alshareef
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Re: Advice please -- someone told me it might be bidah to...


As in Law, the most important step right at the beginning is to decide who must come with the burden of proof.

Setting a goal is NOT ibadah, Ibadah here defined as a set ritual that one was commanded by Allah to do on a recurring basis.

What is dua other then making dua for amazing things? i.e. goals? If you pray to Allah that you want 1000 Musalleen for Fajr, is it logical for someone to tell you to get proof from the Qur'an and Sunnah before making that dua???

What is making a sincere intention going to give you?? The reward of that deed. What if you made the intention that by May 07 you would have encouraged 1000 people to pray Fajr in the Masjid? Is it logical for someone to say you have to have proof before making a blessed intention like that?

For the benefit of the brother, firstly, if he is not knowledgeable in Deen, then I have found that the confusion of young students trying to put Usool AlFiqh into practical practice (with a backdrop of early Shari'ah studies) causes a LOT of headache and pain for themselves. When they can't comprehend something, or have a principle that they heard in a lecture that sounded good and they want to implement it everywhere ... they get MORE confused, will not let go until they have 'figured things out' and thus a lot of them become stalemated into inaction.

Here is an amazing amazing quote: "Dude, the voice in your head is NOT God."
Subhan Allah.
People think everything going through their head is Wahy.

I'm trying to understand where the brother might have picked this up, I figure from the establishment of: 40 days khurooj, or maybe someone saying we will do Qiyam ul-Layl monthly.

Those have issues, acknowledged, but the goal of wanting to give da'wah to 1000 Muslims is different.

In the 40 days, or monthly Qiyam, an act of worship was given a specific number. Why can't you go Khurooj for 41 days? What if you did Qiyam TWICE a month.

But in the case of making a personal target to get Muslims to come to the Masjid, it has nothing to do with Ritual Ibadah, it's all about how far do you want your da'wah to reach.

May Allah ta'alal bless you in your da'wah effort. Me thinks you learned a thing or two from our brothers in Qabeelat Wasat *wink/wink* Visiting other Qabeelahs has it's benefits.
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Qabeelat Hosna
Join Date: May 2006
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Re: Advice please -- someone told me it might be bidah to...

Jazak Allah khair! I'll write more soon, in sha Allah as a follow-up.
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