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Banu Wedad
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Do you know how motivating your ameer is?

Asalaamu Alaykum, Ya Ansar!

Do you have ANY idea how amazing your Ameer is?

SubhanAllah, he was on a flight with Shaykh Waleed Basyouni to the DiscoverU Certification when he was asked about WHY he wanted to attend this life changing event.

His answer to this raised some questions in Shaykh Waleeds mind about why he thought on such a huge scale, in the end, our beloved Shaykh mentioned how this conversation taught him a very important lesson and motivated him to want to help more people with these tools.

I hope Br. Hesham can share the khayr with us about this.


PS, brothers, if you want to aim for awesome in your life, in your goals, contact your Ameer, trained by Muhammad Alshareef.
Come to Wedad!
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Qabeelat Majd
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Re: Do you know how motivating your ameer is?

very nicely said Rizak, Hesham was an awesome guy.
i wasnt ther the whole time so only found out at the end that
he was the Ameer of Qabeelat Ansar.


ps. haha...sandman
br. Nahyan Chowdhury

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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Do you know how motivating your ameer is?

Yes we know first hand how amazing he is mashaAllah. He hasn't been an ameer long but he's made a significant difference in our qabeelah in the short time he's been here.

Looking forward to the story inshaAllah.
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