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Mehreen Khan
Exam Coordinator, Qabeelat Mubeen
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Smile Welcome Mubeen's New Ameerah!!

Assalamu Alaykum,

After serving as Qabeelat Mubeen's ameerah for over 2 years, I'm excited to announce our new Ameerah, Sumaira Jamal

Sr. Sumaira has been an active volunteer at Mubeen for some time now and she's is soon to be Mrs. Qabeelat Mubeen's Ameer :-) Make du'a that inshaAllah she is able to take the qabeelah to new heights!

As for me, I will be in Memphis for another year iA and will be volunteering with Mubeen and helping Sumaira transition into her new position. I have loved working with the umaraa' and will cherish all my experiences.

Please welcome Sr. Sumaira with a big AlMaghrib welcome!
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Ameerah, Qabeelat Fawz
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Re: Welcome Mubeen's New Ameerah!!

Wa 'alaykum asalaam wa rahmatullah,

Ok... I want to be the first in welcoming Sis Sumaira to the AlMaghrib Ameerah world! lol.

Look forward to working you and learning from you inshaAllaah.

Be prepared to have a LOT of fun... :)
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Saba Hashmat
Qabeelat Wedad
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Re: Welcome Mubeen's New Ameerah!!

Welcome to the club sister!! May Allah sWt grant you the tawfeeq to take this qabeelah to new heights.

And Mehreen May Allah SWt put barakah in whatever work you decided to do!!!

Compassion/Mercy --->--->Jannah
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Banu Wedad
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Re: Welcome Mubeen's New Ameerah!!

welcome sister to the new position!

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Sarah Mushtaq
Ameerah, Qabeelat Ittihaad - Windsor
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Re: Welcome Mubeen's New Ameerah!!

Welcome aboard Sr Sumaira!
Alhamdulillah there's a whole group of newbies just like you - inshaAllah we'll be in touch
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Banu Hayl
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Re: Welcome Mubeen's New Ameerah!!

Masha'llah ukhti welcome ^_^ may allah aza wa jala make this responsibility easy for you.
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Ibn Battah, Al-Ibānah Al-Kubrā, 2:444.

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Meaning: Knowing these things about a man is more than sufficient for knowing whether he is following the right path on the Sunnah or not.
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