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fajr prayer


I have a question about fajr prayer. Lets say that fajr ends at 6.30am and you wake up for fajr at around that time. Should you pray because you just woke up or should you wait till the sun rises?

Also, would it fall under being negligent if you wake up at 5.45am and say 'just 5 more minutes' and you wake up again after fajr is over? Or is that still considered as being sleeping and thus would be the same as forgetting to pray and you can pray whenever you remember or wake up?
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Abdulbary Yahya
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Re: fajr prayer

Wa Alaikum AsSalam

Prayer should be preformed immediately upon waking up and should be performed even while the sun is rising.

Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet, upon whom be peace, said, "Whoever catches one rak'ah of the afternoon prayer before the sun sets and then prays the remainder of the prayer after the sun has set has not missed the afternoon prayer."

This also applies to the Fajr prayer because according to this Hadith the person would be completing the rest of his prayers while the sun is setting and thus the Fajr prayer which is obligatory is also permissible while the sun is rising.

A person who wakes up with five minutes left until prayer time is passed, should immediately make wudu and try to make at least one of the two Rak’ahs before the finish of prayer time. The minimal requirements for catching a Rak’ah is the completion of ruku.

And Allah knows best.
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Qabeelat Nurayn
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Re: fajr prayer


I have a question regarding Fajr salat. When a person wakes up for Fajr salat, should they brush their teeth before saying salat or just make wudu?


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Abdur Rahman Mirza
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Re: fajr prayer

Assalamu 'alaikum,

As for brushing the teeth before Fajr, one should brush their teeth for the prayer as this is Mustahabb.

But if they are keeping a fast, then it would be Makrooh to brush the teeth, according to the stronger opinion.

And Bobby, the Shaikh already answered your question. If there is only time for Fajr and it is very late, then one should NOT pray the Sunnah. The time for Fajr left depends on how long one's Fajr prayer is.

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