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Qabeelat Mass
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Lightbulb Less Text, More concise, Less distraction, Saves time!

Salamualykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu,

I'm a new user to Almaghrib forums and I was just going through the Gems for Ilmweek. I have two recommendations:

1) Preventing long signatures. some are very long and although i understand the attraction (promoting a qabeelah, mentioning a hadith, a gem etc) they make the post very long and consequently the page takes less posts and you have to keep changing pages. this becomes tedious expecially when i have 14 pages to go through (or if i increase the number of posts shown per page: lots of scrolling!) to check wat gems people have written so that i dont repeat them when i add mine.

2) limiting the number of gems each person can write up. I noticed that mashalla the same person will write up 2 digit number of gems, which is great! BUT it means that they haven't been selective enough and someone else might have wanted to mention it. I attended ilmweek and if i could i'd write everything that was said as gems because mashalla everything that was said WAS a gem, but thats not the point, gems are about writing something that really struck a cord and made you stop and reflect for a long time. limiting the number will make people think and be more selective about what to write up, and give others the chance to participate

I hope this was useful, I do think that both points will seriously make it easier and faster to read through gems allowing others to submit gems that really affected them without repetition.

wa jazakum Allahu khyr
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Bint Roots
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Re: Less Text, More concise, Less distraction, Saves time!

Was-salāmu Ďalaykum wa rahmatullāh wa barakatuh,

1. In the "User CP" under option "Edit Options" you can turn off signatures for yourself but regardless of how long a signature is, there should still be 10 posts per page.

2. Trying to limit how many gems a student posts would be very difficult and labor intensive, it is simply not feasible.
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