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Ummat Muhammad
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Hadith Nawawi on Embryology

Question For Sh. Yasir:

Which is the stronger opinion regarding this issue :

the opinion of the majority or the opinion voiced by brother Jamal Zarabozo (Hafizullah) ?

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Instructor, AlMaghrib Institute
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Re: Hadith Nawawi on Embryology

As-salaam alaikum Brother Nasir,

I noticed that no one has yet to answer your question and thought to comment briefly on the issue. The online reference you posted is quite an excellent summary of the issue and as Sh. Zarabozo has stated in his text on the matter, it seems as if the "majority" have based their opinion upon some errant manuscripts of the 40 Hadith.

The issue is clearly resolved when we review the other authentic ahadith on the issue which clearly state the Angel blowing the spirit into the fetus at 40-45 days by the command of Allah. This corresponds with great accuracy to the time in which the fetus achieves brain waves - scientific definition for life (since absence of brain activity is a medical definition for death) at 40 days of life. The fetus in most cases also can have EEG (brain waves) and EKG (heart waves) performed in this period as well (between 42-45 days of life). And Allah knows best.

It is another of the many signs of Allah how specific and accurate the ahadith are on this amazing subject. I hope this answers your question insha'Allah.
Dr. Ali Shehata

"Respecting people is half of wisdom, knowing how to ask the question is half of knowledge, and spending sensibly relieves one from half of the livelihood." - Maimoon ibn Mehran
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Hadith Nawawi on Embryology

Aassalamu alaikum Dr.Ali.My questinos are

1.If some one extremely feels that what s/he is reciting doesn`t understand deeply(tafseer) in salah thats why relationship with Allah(swt) is not increasing in an expected extent what is your advice to start understand tafseer to increase strong relationship in salah with Allah(swt)?

2.How Allah(swt) chooses our family means the family we have sent to as a member?Is there any criteria?Sometimes we see some people born in a religious family and they get easy access to deen and masaAllah they are using their blessing but how should one reconcile it if they find themselves in a family not strongly religious,they have strong intention but it takes very long time to learn deen from authentic source and in the meantime they couldn`t learn because they didn`t have access and committed sins?Is it excuse or real fact?

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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Hadith Nawawi on Embryology

3.How can we purify our intention for seeking knowledge?Or how can I understand my love for knowledge is for the sake of Allah?If I find there is a little bit problem in the intention how should I purify it?

4.How did our scholars in the past from the slaves give dawah to the elite class(Mujahid,Hasan al Basri) in their society?

5.What is the sunnah of hospitality to the relatives?In our culture we see people think in order to invite relatives you have to prepare so many items,if you follow the culture you have to miss sunnah prayers,dhikr.What is prophet(swa)`s sunnah in this regard?
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