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Ummat Muhammad
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Organization and Hospitality Standerds

I've been to only one class until now and i found it very nice and will hopefully go again and again. but one thing i noticed , its miss organization . while i'm talking to a guy next to me about that , he mentioned that the people there are not getting paid, so what they are doing is actually volunteering.

I think setting up some kind of standards will attract more people and who is coming anyways will be more comfortable . simple standards can be like below :

1- Before starting the session to give an introduction about the Al Maghrib . ( for my first time they started using banu and qabila and some words i really didnt know what they was talking about untill i asked later )

2- Anounce and Stardarize the coffee / tea locations and type ..etc .. people was so confused specially the brothers because there was no coffee or tee other on one side and some didnt see it.

3- Since its a full day semenar , the food must be more organized , doesnt have to cost money but at least anounching before the semenar what is the food going to be so people will have options. I'm sure many brothers and sisters will be happy to bring food forevery one but without organizing it will not work as it suppose to.

This is just examples of the standards i think can work better for all cities and have to be added by business people know what they are doing. The lecture went very well though and i'm only mentioning this out of love to improve the al magrib and keep it growing.
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