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Muhammad Alshareef
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Cool Taraweeh Truffles: kiss and make up

as salamu alaykum,
I've been doing daily Taraweeh Quran reminders that I've called truffles (cause they are short and sweet and you know it).

My mom checks the AlMaghrib forums, so I'm putting up a link here for her.
(You don't need a facebook account to view the video)
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Dhulqurnayn Luqman
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Re: Taraweeh Truffles: kiss and make up

SubhanAllaah I am just listening to it now!

Press the Like button you know you want to... *smile*

People in the masjid come up to me and say have you seen what Muhammad Alshareef has done! Its very cool! They are referring to the truffles......MashAllaah.
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Ya Muqallibal-Qulub, thabbit qalbi `ala deenak
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