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Shirk = Money

Have you noticed that wherever you find Shirk you tend to find money?

Think about it, back in the day it was all about selling idols to give people a religion whereby they had no obligation to God whatsoever.

Now it remains a business! It exists in its primitive form still, namely fortune telling; however, it has taken new forms in the shape of Reformist Religion.

People can become Jewish if they are willing to pay the price, although according to Orthodox tradition you must be born into the religion.

The same thing goes for Buddhism wherein to be Buddhist (according to the text) one MUST separate himself from the world and go live in the mountains. This too has taken a Reformist form whereby it is now practiced in Hollywood....and guess's not cheap being a part of this belief system either.

I just wanted to raise a discussion on this matter that anytime we see Shirk... a divergence away from pure worship of Allah, we tend to find money. Bring it back to Muslims, we find "peers" and "holy men" who if you pay them enough they can bring you a child, love, financial stability...and more!!!!

Why is it where ever we see Shirk we tend to see a financial transaction?
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