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Qabeelat Haadi
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Thumbs up Jazak Allahu Khayran Sh Yaser Birjas

...Shaykh Yaser rocked the MCA and the Prophet's Smile this past weekend! Masha'Allah.

Jazakum Allahu khyran ya Shaykh for an imaan-boosting class. It was filled with great reminders, emotional (and sometimes funny) stories and deep reflection moments.

We pray that you have a safe flight back to your family. We also pray that we see you again very soon at Haadi. But we definitely pray to Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala to gather us all with our dear prophet salla Allahu `alayhi wa sallam on the day of Judgement - to greet us with his Big and Shiny Smile - and to enter us into Janatul Al-ferdaus without reckoning....allahuma Ameen.
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"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you." - Unknown

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bint zain
Ummat Muhammad
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Re: And once again...

Assalamualikum warahmatullah Shaykh Yaser

We were really honored to have you here at Haadiland...and pray that you come back here soon insha Allah...wish this class had been a double weekend got over so quickly.

The class was superb and really increased my love for Prophet Salla Allahu alaihi wasallam. I could really visualise everything we learnt about alhamdulillah, and now I crave more than ever to be able to see the Prophet's Smile and drink from his hands of Houd al Kawthar insha Allah..(and this is whithout being able to sit 100% of the class since I was helping my husband out)..Insha Allah, I hope to travel to another city to attend this seminar once more...

May Allah SWT reunite all of us together in the aakhirah as neighbors of Rasoolullahi salla Allahu alaihi wasallam, aameen

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Ameerah, Qabeelat Haadi
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Re: And once again...

BarakaAllahu Feekh Shaykh Yaser!

This was such an amazing class that was needed at this very critical time.
May Allah allow this class to increase us in love for our Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wassalam, true love that will reflect in our daily lives through action.

May Allah reward you for joining us and allow you and your beautiful family to drink from the hands of our beloved sallahu alayhi wassalam.

We hope to see you soon inshaAllah.
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Ummat Muhammad
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Thumbs up Re: And once again...

It was a great class. Learned bunch of things I never learned from Madrassa back in India. Cleared many doubts to defend Rasoul Sallallaahu Alai Wasallam and enough points to share the events of his remarkable life.

A full weekend well-spent. Thanks Shaykh Yasser, Haadians and everyone made it for us. Jazak Allahu Khairan.
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Qabeelat Haadi
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Re: And once again...

Subhana Allah Shaykh .. This was truly a unique seminar for us .. Even though I did not get to sit and enjoy the whole session .. Alhamdulillah what ever I got was worth it ..Insha Allah I hope to take it again when it comes to Haqq ..

What made this seminar stand out ya Shaykh was the focus on the Prophet(sas) to every detail .. and Subhana Allah just mentioning his name so often and the Salawat on him brought an amazing affect on all of us .. May Allah(swt) give us the tawfeeq to keep loving Rasoolullahi(sas) and defending him(sas) until the very last moments of our life . And may Allah(swt) grant you the highest paradise for putting this amazing effort and excelling in every aspect to teach us this course in the best possible manner ...

Barak Allah Feekum
Yasser Bafakyh
Ameer - Haadi

Bay Area,CA
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Qabeelat Haadi
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Re: Jazak Allahu Khayran Sh Yaser Birjas

It was one of the best seminars I've ever attended. I loved your power to keep us interested with your friendly humor ya Shaykhana. It must have been a blessing from Allah subhaanahu wa ta'aala for your sincere Niyyah.

You are an amazing instructor mashaAllah, and you caused me to love the Prophet salla Allahu 'alayhi wasallam so much that whenever I hear his name, my eyes become wet with tears...not like my ignorant self pre-Almaghrib era. It was a weekend which I will never forget.

To make you satisifed inshaAllah, I'm working with some other sisters to actually accomplish some of the projects we mentioned in defense of the Prophet salla Allahu 'alayhi wasallam during the class. We really appreciate your time and energy away from your family and baby Deema. May Allah reward you and bless you with much more than what you have given and unite us with His blessed messenger 'alayhi assalaatu wassalaam in Jannat ul-Firdaws. AMEEEENN!

Jazaaka Allahu khairan wa baaraka Allahu feek.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon again here in Haadi once more.
"Verily, by the remembrance of Allah do the hearts find rest..." (Quran 13:28)
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Yaser Birjas
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Re: Jazak Allahu Khayran Sh Yaser Birjas

Jazakum Allahu khayran all of you and looking forward to be back for another class in Qabeelat Haadi insha'Allah.

And awaiting the fulfillment of these projects as well.
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Ummat Muhammad
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Smile Re: Jazak Allahu Khayran Sh Yaser Birjas

Asalamu alaykum Sheikh Yaser,

I thank Allah (SWT) greatly for bestowing the amazing blessing to grasp precious knowledge of our Beloved Prophet (SAW) and Islam from you, our wonderful, highly inspirational and motivational, Professor. You truly have an amazing ability to engage the class and take one back to the time of the founding of Islam and the Prophet (SAW). The elaborate descriptions and vivid imagery provided takes one back to the times of our Beloved Rasool (SAW) and to actually sense his beautiful presence in our lives. The best aspect for the students is that our Professor possesses the characteristics of the Prophet (SAW), therefore, portraying a real life manifestation of the qualities that we aspire to have. May Allah (SWT) allow your inspiration to guide us all in emulating the amazing characteristics of the Prophet (SAW) and continue to strive for the ultimate pleasure of Almighty Allah (SWT), Inshallah.

My favorite part of your class was when we discussed the Shamaa'il Khuluqika, or the noble character of the Prophet (SAW). I have always yearned to truly apprehend the grandiosity of the noble character of the Prophet (SAW) as perfection of inner form is of utmost importance and allows us to aim toward Husn-e-Akhlaaq. Your enlightening us about the about the disposition, nature, temper, ethics, morals, character of Rasoolullah (SAW) allowed us to truly understand what the Prophet meant when he proclaimed the importance of good conduct and character: Abu Hurairah (RAH) narrated: Allah's Messenger (SAW) said, "The Most complete of believers in Iman (Faith) are those who are best in Character." Furthermore, our dua for inner perfection was further substantiated by your great insight on the actual character of the Prophet (SAW).

الحمد لله الهم كما حسنت خلقي فحسن خلقي

Alhumdu lillahi Allahumma kama hasanta khalqi fahassin khuluqi

“Oh Allah! As you have beautified my outward/physical appearance, then beautify my inward appearance (character)”

In addition, Sheikh Yaser, your students are continually impressed as your classes are always very well planned, organized, and systematically delivered so the students are 100% on board throughout the duration of the class. Therefore, the students remain genuinely inspired by you and in awe to grasp everything you so gracefully share with us. In your seminars we gain precious knowledge but at the same time laugh, reflect, cry, and establish a true Divine Connection with Allah (SWT). The experience is one that is life transforming and influential; especially after having the blessing of having three continuous weekends to gain precious knowledge from you. The ambiance, enthusiasm, humor, and graceful delivery of the material makes one genuinely drawn to seek knowledge and march forward in our sincere quest for spiritual fulfillment. In this quest, we become increasingly thirsty for solitude and solace, the sort of solace that is only achieved with the deep connection with Allah SWT (as one experiences when performing Qeyam al Layl when the world is asleep and the believer is alone with his Creator).

Immediately after successful consummation of your very powerful and extremely valuable Divine Link seminar these past weekends, I reflected upon how we must be so thankful to Allah (SWT) for our beautiful deen and how greatly we are indebted to the Prophet (SAW) for his great sacrifices, hardships, and pain he endured for us. What the Prophet (SAW) did not do to ensure that Islam would thrive in a world so muffled by common idiosyncrasies. Furthermore, during and upon completion of your The Prophet's Smile class, your great insights on the Prophet and his yearning to protect/save his Ummah (as he truly loved us), brought deep reflection upon how we must reciprocate our true love for the Prophet (SAW). Therefore, I am very interested in continuing projects and initiatives that further this dedication, Inshallah.

JazakAllah Khair so much for such beautiful knowledge, reigniting in us the fervor for Islam, and establishing further within us the emanrush that we all long for. May Allah (SWT) reward and bless you you immensely; May Allah give you and your family with the best in this life and the hereafter, granting you all Jannat Al Firdoos. As we learned, we are now all tied together with you with the responsibility for conveying the beautiful message to all of humanity....Inshallah, we seek your guidance and input on how to do this most successfully. We very much look forward to attending your future seminars, Inshallah.
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Qabeelat Haadi
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Re: Jazak Allahu Khayran Sh Yaser Birjas

"Verily, by the remembrance of Allah do the hearts find rest..." (Quran 13:28)
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Yaser Birjas
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Re: Jazak Allahu Khayran Sh Yaser Birjas

Jazakum Allahu khayran for everything and its a great honor for me to teach this beautiful class of the noble characteristics of the Prophet.
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