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Ummat Muhammad
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Exclamation Some pictures are not worth taking (Warning to brothers & sisters)

As-Salamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters,

This is something I wanted to warn other muslims against. I been seeing a trend where brothers and exposing their awrahs to other brothers and sisters are exposing their awrahs to other sisters. This happens to come from members of my own family and its really something to take a moment to think about. The warning goes to brothers who expose their awrah and have pictures taken.

This same warning goes to the sisters. Sometimes its not awrah but sisters could be going to Sister ONLY events where they have their awrah covered but are not wearing the full hijab because they are around other muslim sisters. The warning is when the sisters take pictures of these events. Sometimes something innocent we forget to think about some of the negatives consequence. These pictures get shared/emailed etc amongst the sisters and there are times where brothers may come across these pictures. The brothers fault completely for looking at the pictures but if you save those pictures to your home computer that anyone has access to than the risk is there. Also know that some brothers have access to their wife/sisters etc email accounts and that's another way for men to see sisters who wear hijab normally without them. This applies to men as well but I seen it common amongst sisters. So be careful brothers and sisters out there.
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Durbah Sisters' Hifdh
Qabeelat Durbah
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Re: Some pictures are not worth taking (Warning to brothers & sisters)

I second your advice because it does and has happen. Sisters should be cautious when taking their hijab off at sisters only events if there are video cameras and pictures being taken. What the brother described happens a lot, I've seen it happen myself. So, inshaAllah be careful when you go to these gatherings inshaAllah.

Jazakallahu khayran brother for the reminder.
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Some pictures are not worth taking (Warning to brothers & sisters)

InshaAllah everyone who reads this please pass this on to your family & friends.
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Qabeelat Nasr
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Re: Some pictures are not worth taking (Warning to brothers & sisters)

In reality, you could face legal issues if you post something publicly without person's permission or approval. Ethically speaking, anyone who wishes to post anything or send anything with a person's face should seek that person's approval (or the whole group's approval if a group picture) - it's just a matter of courtesy, people. Islamically, for your own safety, just wear proper Islamic attire and Islamic behavior all the time, so you don't have to even worry about anything...just a thought.
Sister Heba

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(Sufficient for me is Allah besides whom there is none worthy of worship. Upon Him do I rely. And He is the Great Master of the throne.)
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