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Ummat Muhammad
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Creche or similar facility

AAWR, Alhamdolillah I went to my first proper full on Al Maghrib seminar this and last weekend. May Allah bless my husband for looking after the kids and encouraging me.

HOWEVER, I noticed 1 thing- all the brothers and sisters were either very young or had older children and therefore a bit older. What about the sisters (and brothers) who fall into my category- we have primary school age kids and cant come to the seminars, or find it very hard to attend seminars as there is no creche facility. It has prevented me for many years, but alhamdolillah this time my lovely husband said 'if you want to go, go'.

Jkk in advance for your responce. Loving QShams!!
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Re: Creche or similar facility

Walaikum assalaam Sister Saiyyidah,

Sorry we missed your post.

JazakAllah Khair for raising this important point. We are looking into options for childcare on-site at classes. If you have any suggestions or can offer any help, please feel free to speak to

Also, I'm not sure if you noticed, but we do have some regular students who are in primary inshaAllaah, when your children are old enough, we hope to welcome them at classes.

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