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Ummat Muhammad
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Exclamation Before You Post

Bismillah. This is just a reminder in regards to the purpose of the forums, in particular The Light of Guidance folder.

Just to clarify this folder is mainly for the students of AlMaghrib to facilitate their on going learning in regards to particular classes. We do not mind having other students of knowledge post questions, but just know that its primary purpose is to assist AlMaghrib students.

Secondly, Aqeedah, is a vast science, and a lot of the threads which have been started do pertain to it. However, one must realize we have only covered one class, and its topics are more concise. Therefore, before you post a question or a comment, ask yourself does it fit the class or classes that have been taught? If so by all means start a new thread, but if it does not please do not post it on the forums. If a thread is posted which does not pertain to the topics discussed in the previous classes, it may be deleted, so do not be alarmed if this occurs.

Lastly, we are not here to refute other groups. However, if a thread or post falls into the class realms which in fact it could Sheikh Yasir may allow it, but if it does not please do not post it on the forums. He is already very busy with his AlMaghrib schedule as well as his PHD studies. So if you see your thread deleted, do not be alarmed by it.

I hope everyone understands what the purpose of the Light of Guidance folder is, and InshAllah will try their best to abide by that. JazaakAllah Khairun for your understanding.
The one who is miserly with his knowledge is worse than the one who is miserly with his money. Because the one who is miserly with his money fears that he might lose his wealth by spending it; but the one who is miserly with his knowledge fears no loss of knowledge by teaching it; he does not depart from his knowledge by giving it to others - ibn Hazm
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