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Re: Tafseer Juz Tabarak: Testimonials and Ambience

Originally Posted by Rizwana
Every time i sit an AlMaghrib course I always say that this is my favourite course and it changes every time i sit a new seminar, however wallahi Sh Reda is UNIQUE! and EJ is definitely one of my favourites. If anyone knows how to hold the attention of the students...its Dr Reda...with the stories and then the suspense and then leaving us at cliffhangers that we have to suffer the whole week before we hear the ending....but its alhamdulillah a unique teaching style. He has really taken us on a journey of life and death and made us really reflect on this duniya, our lives, our hearts, our actions, our intentions. If any course was to give you an emaan boost TEJ is the one.....with such powerful ayahs being discussed in Juz' Tabarak that when I read it has a completely different impact on me. SubhanAllah...

This was just the first weekend.....I cant wait for the unfinished stories and suspense for the second weekend inshAllah.
I completely agree with this.
The mix of looking at the root of Arabic words, delving deeply into some aspects, themes and of course the many many stories - just the way it's all structured is amazing masha'Allah. The homeworks and activities are also very relevant and useful.

The Eternal Journey, truly is a phenomenal course for re-connecting with the Qur'an and getting your life back on track!
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Re: Tafseer Juz Tabarak: Testimonials and Ambience

I have just completed the class and must say that Sheikh Reda is someone from whom we can learn and benifit alot. Completing the Juzz in 4 days means that we didn't go into as much depth as I expected but I would still recommend the class to anyone who can attend. If I had the chance to attend again elsewher I would love to be in the presence of the shaykh again and benifit from his wise advice.
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Ilhan Omar
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Re: Tafseer Juz Tabarak: Testimonials and Ambience

It's been 3 weeks since this seminar and subhanAllah the take-home message still resonates. What if tomorrow never comes?

Ma sha Allah tabarakAllah this course is definitely a wake-up call if you ever need one. Shaykh Reda (hafidhahullah) is an amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge and unique delivery. He provided endless stories (which of course meant endless cliffhangers), and the shaykh provided many visual aids so we could actually visualise our end, visualise jannah and jahannam. I loved that we went into the linguistics of certain words, it adds an extra level of depth and gives one all the more encouragement to go and learn the Arabic language! Taking a tafseer course will most definitely increase your love for the Qur'an, and when you recite these suwar you will not read them in the same way anymore.

Even the venue was ideal, ma sha Allah. There was an old graveyard in the middle of the campus, which was really random, but it served as a visual reminder of what we learnt as we walked past it on the way to the venue, and on the way home.

Like others, every AlMaghrib seminar is a favourite, each for different reasons, but this seminar will forever stand out to me for three reasons:

1. There is no way you can procastinate making tawbah after taking this seminar
2. Hidaaya comes only from Allah (swt) and He chooses to give it to whom He wills. Al-Hakeem chose one of my oldest friends to take shahadah at this seminar. Having her now as my sister in Islaam is something priceless that I am eternally grateful for.
3. Dr Reda Bedeir - may Allah increase him further in 'ilm that will benefit himself and others, and reward him with jannat al-Firdaus, ameen!

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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Tafseer Juz Tabarak: Testimonials and Ambience

I wrote a short poem after taking this amazing class and would like to share it as a GEM

The Ambition to Strive

Its funny how suddenly a person can change,
without a warning, nothing seems to stay the same.
But it doesn't matter because it all comes to an end,
there won't be another chance given to us to amend.
So believers, remember what the Prophet has said,
ask forgiveness for your sins before your eternal bed.
Because trust me, you wont have another attempt,
once your books are closed, you cannot repent.
I pray for you and I, that Allah forgives,
all of the sins that we've learned to creatively outlive.
This world is just a stay which seems pretty and nice,
remember what you're here for, a place called paradise.
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Re: Tafseer Juz Tabarak: Testimonials and Ambience

aw masha Allah that sums up the course pretty perfectly!!
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