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Qabeelat Nurayn
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Re: Class Preparation

Jazaakum Allahu khayran! Great resources.

كم من حريص جامع جاشع ٭ ليس بمنتفع و لا نافع
“How many dedicated (students of knowledge) there are,
seeking to gather it and desirous of obtaining it,
yet they do not gain benefit from it nor do they give benefit out to others.”

Imam Al-Awzaa'ee rahimahullah
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Ahmed El-kadri
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Re: Class Preparation

I remember watching a children movie in Arabi called " asad Aian Jallout" you can find it on youtube or this link for the whole movie

Originally Posted by Umm Umaarah View Post
- the history of Northern India during the Mongol Empire and British Colonization.

Islam Invulnerable Notes are good for reviewing this.

- Al-Hajjaj ibn Yousuf and his role in fighting those who rebelled against the Umayyads

Try the History of Islam Series by Akbar Shah Najeebabadi, Volume 2. (Around pg. 151.) I haven't read it yet, but that series goes into pretty good details.

I also remember him being mentioned briefly in one of the classes, but I can't remember which one - oh yeah - Shaykh Yaser mentioned him in the Code Evolved:

As Ibn al-Areef said, “The tongue of Ibn Hazm and the sword of Al-Hajjaj were indeed but twin brothers.”

[font=Century Gothic','sans-serif][font=Century Gothic','sans-serif][/font][/font]
[font=Century Gothic','sans-serif][font=Century Gothic','sans-serif]Al-Hajjaj was sent to Iraq to deal with the fitna. In appearance, he was short and chubby, but he was very bloody. He covered his face and gave a khutbah there. He said, “I can see the heads that are ripe and need to be harvested and I will be the one to harvest these heads.” His sword was one that dripped with blood. His era was a bloody one. He besieged Makkah when Abdullah ibn AzZubayr led the rebellion there. He killed ibn AzZubayr. (From notes, don't quote me!) [/font][/font]

- the Battle of 'Ain Jaloot

I had no idea about this battle, so I looked it up on wikipedia ("battle of ain jalut")
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