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Qabeelat Ittihaad
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Re: Rays of Faith:Testimonials and Ambiance

Asalamu alikum wa rahamtullahi wa barakatuh,

subhan'Allah, over the past 24 hours I've visited this thread several times. Signing in and singing out; eager to post a testimonial, but each time stopping because of fear that my words would never do justice to this amazing, amazing class.

I finally gatherd the courage and only hope that I don't ramble on, insha'Allah.

Where do I even start?

First off Alhumdulilah that Allah subhana wa ta'la has blessed me with the opportunity to be amongst those chosen to take this class.

Masha'Allah, just as Shaykh Waleed promised, I walked in thinking one thing and left thinking another.

I don't think I've ever cried as much as I did during this class. and I think that is what set this class apart from all the others for me.
There is a saying which states,"Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears, so that we can see Life with a clearer view again" Subhan'Allah, the entire first weekend I was struggling to hold my tears back - the welded - but I fought them. But when the second weekend rolled around, I was a goner. The topics of Qadar, death, the grave and the last day....subhana'Allah, my favourite sessions of the entire class and they were spent in tears.

Masha'Allah, shaykh Waleed left no stone unturned. We traveled from this life, to the life of the grave, to being resurrected....and we weren't done until Shaykh Waleed left us in the gates of Jannah. May Allah subhana wa ta'la make us all of those who reach Jannah. Ameen.

One thing which really pulled at my heart was when Shaykh Waleed spoke of the questioning which would take place between the individual and 2 angels. subhan'Allah, I just kept thinking back to this one lecture in particular where a Shaykh said:

they'll ask you who is your Lord?
That's an easy question isn't it?
But if you did not know your Lord in this life, you will not
be able to answer it.
Yes Allah is the greatest
but did we make Allah the Greatest?
Did we pray on time and make Him the greatest?
Did we worhip Allah and make Him the greatest?
Burden our mothers, our fathers, our boss, our husbands and our wives?
If you made Him the greatest, you're gonna answer the question
very easily: Rabbi Allah; My Lord is Allah

What is your religion?

it's a simple question
but if you fully and only fully Submitted
if you invited Islam into your house
and embraced it with acceptance
with application, with love
with devotion, motivation
than it's not hard for you to say
deenal Islam, my religion is Islam

who was the man that was sent among you?
it's not hard to answer right?
but wallahi
it will be very very very difficult
for the person who did not make Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa salam their leader
the believer, the one that loved Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa salam more than he loved his own soul
who followed him inwardly and outwardly
who implemented his directives
who revived his sunnah
who fought and struggled with his hand and tongue and heart in his cause
he will say nabiuna Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wasalam
I am asking all my brothers and sisters, from the deepest depths of my heart, please, please do not pass up the chance to take this class should it come to your city or surrounding area. I promise you won't regret it.

Already taken this class? Go find your Rays of Faith binder & notes, open it and flash back to the days when you were sitting in your class listening to Shaykh Waleed (may Allah bless him. Ameen). The tears you cried, the joy you experienced, the fear which griped you.......

let us hold tight to what we have learned and never let it go. May Allah subhana wa ta'la make us of those who implement what we learn and teach it to others. Ameen

sorry for the long post and if I have ever said or done anything to hurt anyone, whether intentionally or unintentionally please forgive, insha'Allah

wasalamu alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

...and perform the prayer for My Remembrance
" // Qur'an 20:14

~ Divine Link ~
-- Fiqh of Salah --

{{ Windsor, ON }}
{{Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah
{{May. 13th-15th & 21st-22nd '11 }}

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Qabeelat Ittihaad
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Re: Rays of Faith:Testimonials and Ambiance


Disclaimer: Anything I write about this class will do NO justice to actually experiencing it and taking it. As there are definitely feelings that cannot possibly be put to words, it can only be felt in the depths of your heart and soul....and that is definitely what Shaykh Waleed made me feel for this class and for Islam in general.

RAYS OF FAITH has left me with a bittersweet feeling in the end. I have Thanked Allah everyday from the depths of my soul for blessing me with this class and especially for giving me the opportunity to learn from Shaykh Waleed, AlHamdulillah. One of the worst moments for me was during the last couple of minutes of the class when Shaykh Waleed finished with his concluding heart actually hurt! InshAllah, I would definitely take this class again in a heartbeat... As Shaykh Waleed himself said in the begining of the class that everytime he teaches this course, he learns something new.

Here are some of the benefits I have gained from this class [ones that I can actually explain and put into words]:
I now understand why Shaykh Waleed won the Qur'an competition...every recitation of the Quran he did just BLEW us away and gave us goosebumps.
- I FINALLY understood Qadr in a SIMPLE way that made perfect sense
- I am no longer affraid of jinns/possession!!! Seriosly, that was a big thing for me... and the Shaykh made us realize that those who are constantly asking Allah for protection will never be afflicted by jinns
- I was dumbfounded at much knowledge Shakykh Waleed has and how simple he made everything sound in the end
- I LOVED how he presented the entire course, mashAllah it was executed BEAUTIFULLY... and how he gave us all of the hadiths, the opinions of every sect and in the end the Ahlu Sunnah opinion. I was dumbfounded at how he remembered the exact wordings and opinions and everything...SubhanaAllah
- I LOVE ANGELS, subhanAllah after learning about their purpose and how they are the only creations that execute the commands of Allah and subhanAllah...I can't wait to see the 8 Angels that will carry the THRONE of Allah (subhana wa ta'ala)
- Shaykh Waleed made the class sooooo fun and enjoyable and he made us LOVE learning about our Beautiful Deen of Islam...AlHamdulilah, May Allah preserve him and bless his goals.

I could honestly go on forever, but I guess I'll stop here.....anyone who hasn't taken this class and had the chance to is basically A LOSER!!! You missed out on THE BEST CLASS with the GREATEST Shaykh and the FUNNIEST jokes
O you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do?

Most hateful it is with All‚h that you say that which you do not do.
- [ Surah As-Saff 61:2-3 ] -

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Khadija Yousfi
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Re: Rays of Faith:Testimonials and Ambiance

RAYS OF FAITH IS THE MOST AMAZING COURSE EVER! SubhanAllah, we're only half way through and it is the most interesting, moving and inspiring course ever. Sheikh Waleeds teaching methods are completly unique, his presents are so funky and his recitation is beyond beautiful TabarakAllah!
Quote from a wise friend: "When did we stop believing in Lollipop trees?!"

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Qabeelat Haqq
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Re: Rays of Faith:Testimonials and Ambiance

Can some one please tell me what is reference for this quote and where he compared all the miracle of Prophet Muhammad(Pbuh).

Imam ash-Shafi^iyy said:" For every miracle Allah gave to the other Prophets, He gave Prophet Muhammad a similar or a greater miracle".
Yasir Azim

Son of Adam! You Are nothing but a Number of days, whenever each day passes then part of you has gone." (Al Hassan Al Basry RA)
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Qabeelat Noor
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Re: Rays of Faith:Testimonials and Ambiance

Assalaamu alaikum,

I just finished this course with Shaykh Kamal El-Mekki and Shaykh Waleed Basyouni and I must say Al Maghrib never fails to impress, mashaa Allah! The professors were amazing. Shaykh Kamal El-Mekki kept us laughing with jokes and thinking with knowledge. When Shaykh Waleed Basyouni recited Qur'an the room would fall silent and still with us taking in the beauty of the words of Allah(swt). Shaykh Waleed Basyouni enlightened us and gave us opportunities to reflect on what he taught is by asking us to "teach" what was taught to us.

If you think you already know about the angels, messengers, books, jinn, Qadr and the Day of Judgement, I challenge you to take this class and tell me that you have not learned a single thing!
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