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Abdullah Bin Jahash
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Exclamation Looking for "How to be Outstanding Husband and wife" CD set

as Salamu 3alaykum wa ra7matullahi wa barkatuh. Can anyone please help me with where I can purchase these CD sets from? I did not find them on emanrush. I need them for wedding gifts. Jazakumullahu khayr.
~***"You can thus test your attachment with Allah in so many ways and find out daily whether your attachment with Allah is on the increase or decrease. Do not bother about the sufic technicalities of Basharat (glad tidings), Karamat (excellence), Kashf (inspiration) and Tajalliat (divine lights). In fact there is no awareness (Kashf) greater than the awareness of the oneness of Allah in this world of deceptions and fallacies. No excellence (Karamat) is higher than to stand firm in the face of apprehensions created and temptations offered by Satan and his followers. There is no better perception of Allah's lights than to witness the truth in the groping darkness of infidelity (Kufr), impiety (Fisq) and perdition (Dalalat) all around. The greatest possible Basharat that a believer may get is through his staunch belief in Allah and steadfastness in His way"***~
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