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Qabeelat Tayybah
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Women visiting grave

A female family member of mine has recently passed away and there was a huge discourse in whether women can visit the grave.

Is there any proof or evidence in reference to whether or not they can or not visit grave?

Whoever answers this, please give the isnaad and direct evidence from hadith and quran please.
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Qabeelat Badr
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Re: Women visiting grave

Inshaallah there is no dalil to prohibit women from visiting the grave.

The scholars differ however in its ruling. Jumhur (majority) of them ruled it to be makruh but not prohibited, in view to prevent fitnah or loud crying or lamentations due to the demise at the graveyard.

Adilah asohihah that it is not haram for women to visit the grave are:
مر النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم بإمرأة عند قبر وهي تبكي فقال اتقي الله واصبري -متفق عليه
(direct translation- The Prohet saw passed by a woman at the graveyard and she was crying. The Prophet then said: Have taqwa and be patience - Bukhari and Muslim.

From the hadith, the Prophet saw didn't prohibit the woman to visit the grave, but just to have taqwa and be patience. It shows that the thing which is prohibited is loud crying and lamentation and pulling off hair or beating of chests in time of musibah.

In one of the hadith in Muslim, Aishah r.anha asked the prophet saw on the doa to be recited when she visited the grave and the prophet saw said:
قولي: السلام على أهل الديار من المؤمنين و المسلمين و يرحم الله المستقدمين منا و المستأخرين و إنا ان شآءالله لاحقون
which means, say: Peace be upon the dwellers (ahl) of the grave from the mukminin and muslimin and may Allah bless the ones before us and also those who are latter and verily we inshaallah will meet you.

In this hadith, it clearly shows that women are allowed to go to the grave. In fact the prophet saw taught his wife what to recite when she visited the grave.

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