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Qabeelat Tayybah
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Re: LIVE NOW: AlMaghrib Web TV

Wa 'Alaikum Assalam,

I think the clips "play" by themselves. I don't think they can be clicked on.
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: LIVE NOW: AlMaghrib Web TV

Salams I NEED AN ALMAGRIB log in where can i find this as the link above does not work
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: LIVE NOW: AlMaghrib Web TV

Jazak Allah thanks for the links
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Ummat Muhammad
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Re: LIVE NOW: AlMaghrib Web TV


When I log in to AlMaghrib Web TV it shows my name on the top but instead of playing the videos it says "Connection Failed". Is anybody else also having this issue.

I was able to see the videos few days ago but now it does not seem to work. If anyone knows a solution to this, please help!

JazakAllah Khairun

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