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Thirst For Knowledge
Qabeelat Mass
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IlmFest Intentions

What's your Intention???

IlmFest fever is being felt globally! So I want to ask a simple question which the likes of Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and Sheikh Muhammad AlShareef rack our brains about!

What is your intention? What is it that you want to achieve from this once in a life time gathering. To be amongst renowned scholars whom remind us of the best of the generations, the generation of the Prophet sallal lahu alaihiwasalam.
Begin with the intention of it to be for the sake Allah AlMighty. Knowing that your travelling for His sake to gain knowledge will ease your path to Jannah, Alhamdollilah.

I want to share mine. I want to feel an 'iman rush' and be in the 'zone' days before the event. I'm going to make plenty of du'a and mentally prep myself. I've read each of the topic summaries and so know what to expect. So i'm thinking of whats going to change when i come back? I pray to be closer to Allah in my salah, have role models as the likes of the sahabah, and know my boundaries when Allah is watching me. I know I will enjoy myself for sure.

Share yours..... whats your intention?
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nadia hadj ahmed
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Re: IlmFest Intentions

My intention is to InshAllah benefit from the full-on knowledge that we will gain; to use it in my daily life to please Allah (SWT)

Warning: Exposure To Allah May Prevent Burning.

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