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bint zain
Ummat Muhammad
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Arrow Shaykh Shout out! Jazak Allahu khayr Sh Yasir Qadhi


Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Shaykh Yasir

Jazak Allahu khayr for making Precious Provisions a huge success and teaching us all what you taught through your words and mannerisms. Qabeelat Haadi is already having withdrawal symptoms after the class...I can't believe time went by so fast these last 2 days.

You taught in a way that insha Allah, I won't forget which opinion which madhhab held, you taught some sensitive topics with so much hikmah mashAllah tabarak Allah that I dont think anyone would felt offended. As a hijabi sister, you taught me how best to give naseeha to a non-hijabi sister...(may Allah make us all steadfast in our deen, aameen). Even though the class was about fiqh, and would seem not related to our belief system, the class was full of eman rush moments.

This class was indeed a very practical class and deals with our everyday life issues.

Jazakum Allahu khayr Sh Yasir and pls convey our gratitude to your family too,,,may Allah give you and your family the best in both the worlds, aameen!
We look forward to having you back here insha Allah. I hope insha Allah, we can have LOG back soon...

We hope that you also liked your stay here.....

Wassalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Qabeelat Haadi
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Re: Shaykh Shout out! Jazak Allahu khayr Sh Yasir Qadhi

We pray that you had a safe flight back home ya Shaykh. As always, it was an honor to have you back in Haadi wa alhamdulilah. We're ever so indebted to Allah `azza wa jal and AlMaghrib Institute to have exposed us to this beneficial `ilm and such dedicated and sincere teachers. May Allah `azza wa jal reward you all for every single second you spend working for His sake and may He reward your families and grants them beautiful patience.

Please forgive us for our mistakes and shortcomings! May Allah unite us all soon in another class, IlmSummit or better yet, in the highest levels of Jannah! Allahuma ameen
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Ilm Summit '08, Ilm Summit '09

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Ameerah, Qabeelat Haadi
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Re: Shaykh Shout out! Jazak Allahu khayr Sh Yasir Qadhi

JazakhAllahu Kheiran Shaykh Yasir

This was an amazing and informative class, it left us with clarity on serious topics and may Allah reward you for everything we learn that we put into action for his sake.

InshaAllah we will see you soon for aqeedah 4!

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Ummat Muhammad
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Thumbs up Re: Shaykh Shout out! Jazak Allahu khayr Sh Yasir Qadhi

Jazak Allah Khair Shaykh Yasir. My first class with with you and it was amazing. The weekend went like gentle breeze. Learned a lot that make life easier. Insha Allah. At the same time, thanking Allah for making it easier for Halal food and clothing available locally in most places in the Bay Area. Thanks gain for spending the time with us.
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Abu Ammaar
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Re: Shaykh Shout out! Jazak Allahu khayr Sh Yasir Qadhi

Jazak Allah khayr for the hospitality, great questions, and enjoyable classroom moments.

As usual, I had an amazing time at Haadi and look forward to returning soon!

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bint zain
Ummat Muhammad
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Re: Shaykh Shout out! Jazak Allahu khayr Sh Yasir Qadhi

Assalamualikum warahmatullah

Alhamdulillah Shaykh Yasir is coming back to teach "Collector's Edition"!
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Minal Ansar
Qabeelat Haadi
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Re: Shaykh Shout out! Jazak Allahu khayr Sh Yasir Qadhi

We are soooooooo excited to have sheikh Yasir back and even more excited about the class.
من انصار
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