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Ummat Muhammad
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NEW Dawah Project: STORIES - get involved here!

Asalaamu alaykum waRahmatullahi waBarakaatuh

Anyone good at writing stories, novels?

I'm working on a Da'wah project which could be big inshaa' Allah
, so I need good writers who especially like writing good stories (novel size.)

So if you want to get involved, reply here with the following details:
- Have you writ any story before, if yes - can you link me to it or make a page full just so I know your writing style.

- How much dawah experience do you have? If not, its okay but if you do - it will help alot.

- Explain Why you want to get involved.

Just answer these, and once a fair amount of people respond, we can all meet on a specific forum to discuss and share ideas. I've got alot of ideas alhamdulillah, so I hope you respond soon.

If you know any people who are good writers, please forward this to them.
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