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Ummat Muhammad
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What Unique SKILLS do YOU have to help the Ummah?

Asalaamu alaykum waRahmatullahi waBarakaatuh

What Unique Skills do YOU have to help the Ummah?

This can be anything; do you know an extra language which you can write? Do you have an extra computing skill? Are you a good writer? Are you good at photoshop?

Share anything you feel you're good at on this thread
, anyone who wants help from you can then ask you. Or you can ask them.

It would go something like this;

My Skills

- Writing
- Making Books. i.e. (
Salaf Stories) (Learn Arabic in 12 colored Tables) (Qur'an - the Linguistic Miracle)
- Psychology
- Exploring ideas and giving advice.
- Have alot of experience in Da'wah (inviting to Islam) alhamdulillah. (see

Skills needed

- Web design
- Photoshop
- Marketing websites.

Please post yours, it will be really beneficial and it will unite our efforts in Islamic causes inshaa' Allah.
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