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Qabeelat Al-Shams
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Dates for Heart Serene

Have the dates for this course changed? I have pre-booked hotels and I need to know if I now need to cancel them.
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Ummat Muhammad
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Smile Re: Dates for Heart Serene

Asalaamalykum Sister,

Yes the dates for Heart Serene have been changed the new dates are as follows:

Friday 30th March 7-10pm
Saturday 31st March 10-7pm
Sunday 1st April 10-7pm

Saturday 7th April 10-7pm
Sunday 8th April 10-7pm

Barakallahu Feek
"Indeed, my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the world." [Surah al-Anam:162]
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umm haroon
Ummat Muhammad
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how to book for Heart Serene middlesbrough

Asalamalaikum. Here is how you can book your space for Heart Serene Middlesbrough.....

How to book your place for Heart Serene M’boro

1. Go to and enrol online.

2. Make a Power of 10 ????! uhh!!!

You can make a saving of £10 when a group of 10 enrol together. Just e-mail us with your details and we will try to put you in a group of 10 ourselves, if you don’t already have one yourself!

3. Hufaadh Scheme

Are you a Haafidh/Haafidha of Quran? Then Qabeelah Firdaws request your honoured presence!

4. Family Discount

Bring your family to the best of gatherings! A gathering where there are knowledgeable people, keen students and where the angels descend as witnesses! We will make it easy for you by giving you a 35% reduction for additional family members, once 2 have registered.

5. Qardh Hassana (The Installment plan)

You need time to raise money to attend the seminar, then why not apply for Qardh Hassana and spread the cost over 3 payments? As long as this be paid before the course begins.

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umm haroon
Ummat Muhammad
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: U.K middlesbrough
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Re: Dates for Heart Serene

To be a part of a P10 email us at
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