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Qabeelat Noor
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Honor Roll and FULL Scholarships

Noorie Honor Roll!

Mashallah, Tabarakallah! The following students have earned the high honor of making it onto the Noorie Honor Roll for the 2012 Year. These students received a “B” or higher on the Fiqh of Love Exam! Please take a moment to congratulate them!
Nabeeha Khan
Saba Khwaja
Sofia Khwaja
Aqsa Ullah
Afsar Naeem Umarally

And, now to present the scholarship recipients for Rizq Factory. These students received the highest scores on the Fiqh of Love Exam and will be awarded full scholarships to Rizq Factory in July 2012. Mashallah! Tabarakallah!
Sisters: Sr. Saba Khwaja
Brothers: Br. Afsar Naeem Umarally

Qabeelat Noor will be awarding FULL scholarships for the 2012 year to students who score the highest on the exams!

Also, the student who scores the highest on all exams for the 2012 year will receive a FREE 'IlmRush card for 2013! This means they can attend any class, anytime, anyplace! They also receive discounts on products as well as admission to 'IlmFest!

Let the competitions begin
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