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Ibrahim ibnImran
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Post Ijaazah - What does it look like?

1) What does an Ijaazah look like?

I saw a glimpse of one online in some interview of Sh. Al Efasy, but it wasn't very clear. It looked like a piece of paper with the lots of names on it, & he explained it a little bit (I understood some of what they were saying I think ).

Do all of them look similar? Sh. Yasir, what does yours look like?

2) Do all of them go back to Ubay bin Kaab(R)? Or could they go back to other sahaba as well?

3) What happens if it gets lost or damaged? (a'udhubillah)
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Ibrahim ibnImran
Qabeelat Wasat
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Re: Ijaazah - What does it look like?

wa'Alaikum asSalaam waRahmatullahi waBarakaatuhu

JazaakiAllah Khair for the answer.
Its basically a 'nice' piece of paper/document that was given to him by his sheikhs after completion of a rigorous memorization/study of the quran. It has this official statement of what my father can teach of the quran and his type of qira'a (hafs) along with the sheikhs/teachers signatures.

How many names does it have on it? Does it have an isnaad going back to a Sahabi?

May Allah increase your father's knowledge and may Allah provide you all with ijaazaat in multiple qira'aat, ameen.

p.s. please make du'a for me to become a hafidh too
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Abu Ammaar
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Re: Ijaazah - What does it look like?

Salaam Alaikum

There is a copy of one of my ijaazahs in my Quran book (the last picture slide on the last page). It has 34 names between me and the Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa salam. Different ijazat (basically , depending on which qira`ah you recite) go back to different Companions.

Ijaazahs in hadith are quite different. Typically they only go back to specific muhadithun who have published books about works they have ijaazah in, so when you have ijaazah to that muhadith, you have ijaazah in all the books that he has stated in that work (called 'thabt'). Alhamdulillah I have ijaazah back to al-Shawkani and Shah Waliullah al-Dehlawi (and through them, back to many others, such as Ibn Hajr and Ibn Taymiyyah).

If (audubillah!) someone were to physically lose the paper, it doesn't change anything, he still HAS ijaazah from his Shaykh, so he can get another one or (if not possible) simply copy the names from another of the Shaykhs students and write it up again. What is important is the fact the Shaykh gave it, not a piece of paper. The paper can be written and re-written, as long as the contents are the same.

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Hadeed Indeed
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Re: Ijaazah - What does it look like?

As-salaamu `alaykum

A picture of Shaykh Ahmad Sa'ad's ijaazah in mandhoomah al-Jazariyyah. He's the Imam of Finsbury Park Masjid, London.

وما قدروا الله حق قدره
Whoever wants to see their standing with Allaah, let them look to their standing with the Book of Allaah

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