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View Poll Results: Which poster for Rizq Management do you love the best?
Submission 1: the diamond in the middle poster 67 51.94%
Submission 2: the wall street scene poster 44 34.11%
Submission 3: the flower poster 15 11.63%
Other 3 2.33%
Voters: 129. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 10-07-2005, 10:26 PM   #81
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Talking Re: Hayl vs. Durbah Sizzler Graphics Showdown

Altaf - where did you sneak your name onto this one? I can't tell...but I do see letters in the vase...
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Old 10-08-2005, 09:56 PM   #82
Qabeelat Ansar
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Re: Hayl vs. Durbah Sizzler Graphics Showdown

I don't know if this has been stated already, but on the diamond Rizq Management poster the word "management" is spelt incorrectly ("Managment"). Just a friendly note, insha-Allah - probably just a typo :-).
All humans are dead except those who have knowledge; all those who have knowledge are asleep except those who do good deeds; and those who do good deeds are deceived except those who are sincere; and those who are sincere are always ini a state of worry.
- Imam Shafi'e (Rahimaullah)

~ Bransari for life, iA
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Old 10-10-2005, 10:31 AM   #83
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Re: Hayl vs. Durbah Sizzler Graphics Showdown

Salim my name isnt in there ...or is it?

I bet if the NJISB logo was hidden in there i wouldve gotten ure vote lol
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Old 10-10-2005, 04:07 PM   #84
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Re: Hayl vs. Durbah Sizzler Graphics Showdown

Originally Posted by feras04
Masha'Allah the flower one has some meaning behind it.

Shiekh Muhammad Alshareef, how do we join such competitions? What forums do you announce future graphic showdowns....?

Jazak Allah khayr
Of course the flower has some meaning behind it, I knew that since day one =). I actually told some bors that if I bet, I would bet “AlSharif” is an art or design major (so am I right??). MashAllah, Good job Bro!
This competition kind of happened at the last sec.

Uthtadh Muhammad liked the LOG poster so he asked me to make this poster. I agreed to work on it in a few weeks but he needed it within a week, so he then asked if I'm willing to make it a competition with “AlBaraa”…

...i said why not…and so it began.

The Sheikh mentioned that there are more brothers that want in on the next action, so I would assume it will be announced when they make the next class.

Good news for you guys…most likely, I won’t have time to enter another contest, so you all might have a chance =]
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