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Qabeelat Noor
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I got an ethical question

Asalam Alaykum.

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Re: I got an ethical question

I would give it back.
and inshallah Allah(swt) can reward you in someother way..

This happend a couple of times to me..when i gave it back, the teacher would be so impressed with the honesty, that they didnt even take any points off...
That was Highschool though, so Im not sure whats the deal with college...
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'Abd al-Kareem
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Re: I got an ethical question


I would give it back too; besides getting the higher marks from Allah [SWT], most profs are usually lenient enough to let you keep the marks.

Additionally, you'd need to ask why the mark you got is something that would make you 'happy'; i.e. is there any importance attached to the mark you wanted [e.g. to meet med school criteria], or is just a matter of personal preference.

In either case, its something that could easily be made up. Consider this just another test to see how easily you can put your knowledge into action; especially after coming back from the Ethics class.
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Re: I got an ethical question


I know this is kind of late, but I would most definitly give it back...Without hesitating. The same thing happened to me (but in my International Supply Chain Management class), and the teacher let me keep the points. I considered that cheating (to me atleast). It was also a way to set an example..-Like being honest is a big part of islam, and I'm Muslim, hence, I'm being honest- Anyway, that's my two cents..
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Danish Hasan
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Re: I got an ethical question

I wouldnt even look at my exam, if I got the graded that i wanted or needed....
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