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Yasser Ibn Amr Ibn Al'aas
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Thumbs up ROE Exam info - Cheat Sheet?

as-Salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

Around 50 hours left for the rather easy ROE exam...Are You Ready?

- Here we go! -

Cheat Sheet:

Students are allowed to have some helpful notes of their choice on a 4x6 index card (or smaller), (front and back), during the ROE exam. No other sizes will be accepted. No fold-ins or windows allowed (yes, this is for the 'smart' engineering students like myself :-)). Nothing other than a plain index card will be allowed. This is the only class for whose exam an index card will be allowed, so use it wisely and neither expect it nor ask for it in the future. :-)

Exam Date:

Saturday, January 7th, at 11:55am. Please arrive at 11:40am. (Yes, THIS Saturday in sha Allah :-))

Most students will take around 30-75 minutes to finish the exam, so we will be praying dhuhr shortly after everyone is done, in sha Allah.

Exam Location:

Location: University Center Underground, Cougar Den Room
Location Map:

Make-up Exams:

If you can't take the exam for any legitimate reason, please e-mail with your information and the reason for requesting a make-up exam, requesting a make-up exam. For the record, "I didn't have enough time to study" is NOT a legitimate excuse. :-)

Community Service vs. Pal-talk session:

If you've done 10 hours of community service, please bring a short journal with important information about your community service. If you otherwise have completed the pal-talk session, then expect to answer a few more questions about that session specifically during the exam. If you weren't able to attend the pal-talk session, please find it in mp3 format here:

Project - Bringing Happiness and Joy to Needy Muslims on Eid in Houston!!

Sisters can do something similar with candy/toys and young children. I know of sisters who have done it before, and the happiness they felt before/during/afterwards, they said, was unparalleled.

So, If you are a self-motivated female of age between 5 and 99 years old, have a group of friends who are interested in entering happiness in the young kids' lives on Eid evening AND are ready to take advantage of this opportunity, use the e-mail address in the above thread to coordinate with the Hosna Projects Director. May Allah accept the compassion you display towards your fellow Muslim neighbors.

See you guys Saturday, in sha Allah! May Allah make this exam easy and give us the practical benefit that this class was intended for!

Sincerity is the ultimate goal, so purify your intentions and do everything for the sake of Allah! May Allah accept your hard work!

Barak Allahu feekum wa Jazakum khayra!
was-Salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah

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