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Ameerah, Banu Hayl
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Info Project Young'ns

NOTE: This thread is not meant for discussion. I am simply compiling all of the information dealing with Project Young'ns. Please DO NOT reply to this thread, it just helps me to update things and get better organized.

There are several discussions on the projects on our forum, so look for them there. I will update this thread frequently with the latest info.
BarakAllah feekum,
Wassalama' Alaykum
Mercy J.


Project Young’ns

I have been thinking about this project for a while and overall in ways to target high schoolers.

I basically wanted to find out ways we can get high school going people to help with Columbus Dawah and as well as getting AlMaghrib back.

I did some research and spoke to some of the younger people and found out some interesting ways to market our ideas to them. I found that the hang out place for high schoolers and the best place to sit down and talk with them would be at halaqahs.

Within the past few weeks, I have talked to several sisters from various Masjids and much to my dismay their halaqahs are either declining in their numbers or are power halaqahs. Therefore, with that being said I think that us Hayl sisters should get in there and invest a couple hours in these halaqahs. What do we do while we are there? As Ummsakinah pointed out in several places, we should present knowledge we have obtained from AlMaghrib classes that have taken.

Ok. The following Masjid’s have sisters halaqahs around the clock on Saturdays and Sundays.

a) Masjid Abu Bakr Saadiq (West Side)
Have spoken with sister Amina F. and inshallah she is to get back to me with times we can come.

b) Little Masjid beside Sunrise Academy (Hilliard Area)
My contact here is sister Sally and from what she tells they are really seeking improvement in this particular halaqah. and inshallah as soon as I get more volunteers this will be the first we target.

c) Masjid Nur(Hilliard/Dublin area)
Still looking into this one but from what I’ve heard they have some stuff in the works.

d) Masjid Ibn Taymiyah (North Side)
Random halaqahs—timings are random we can make our halaqah random by picking our hours.

e) Masjid Omar (OSU campus)
Got our own Haylers representin'

The benefits to this project---we will be seeking out the young’ns! What more can I see for these are the future Haylers and AlMaghrib students. Also, as you know the majority of Hayl are Somali sisters and by getting into these halaqahs inshaa Allah we will be dealing into a more diverse group of sisters.

First priority--Master Copies:Focus on this one this upcoming week!

Now that we have planned out who is going to take up what job, I really want to focus on the content. Ummsakinah you mentioned a master copy. Now, that we have two ongoing teams in this project it seems ideal to have two master copies—One for Route 114 team, and one for LOG team. As of head of Route 114 team, I am aiming for Thursday as a deadline for Hala and I. LOG team? Sahra mentioned that Ummsakinah the two of you will be able to present by January at Masjid Omar, so I leave that up to the two of you. Bintamina, you mentioned being able to present during break at Masjid Nur, if you’re still up for it then maybe you can collaborate with Ummsakinah and Sahra and see if we can have the master copy for LOG prepared alongside with Route 114. I’d like to point out that the master copies will be our first step in this project, and I’d like it if us project heads with our co-ameers take up this as soon as possible.

2nd: Somethings to keep in mind : (creativity)

Binders: When the master copies will be completed copies should be made for distribution. I want to make these notes presentable to the sisters, so that there not just some notes stabled together. My suggestion we come up with something similar to the binders of Route 114 and LOG. What do you guys think? Any ideas? I am thinking it’ll cost us.

Powerpoint: As mentioned by Ummsakinah, regardless of whether we have a PowerPoint presentation prepared, we should have handouts. If were going to go this route then it would make sense to have these two correspond.

Fard--Quizes and Exams:
1.) After presenting a session a quiz must be presented to the sisters.
2.) Final exams must be presented as well

The in between and finale-- Flow charts and Evaluation Forms:
Competition fi’sabiliallah—As discussed in previous post we will be having a face off between team Route 114 and team LOG. We will be competing in the overall quality of our halaqahs. Things to keep in mind: Quality/Quantity, Quiz/Exam scores, and overall dedication on both the volunteer and mangers side.
In sha’Allah, after we finish one class with a particular halaqah, I’d like to see what the sisters gained from our project. So we should definitely ask for feedback so that we can see what areas we need to improve on.


1: Sahra,Ummsakinah,Bintamina,Sagal Shirdon—Light of Guidance
2: Rahma, Hala—Uloomal Qur’an

Here is an outlook on what the schedule will look like.

Route 114
First Target Masjid: Masjid at Hilliard*Hala and I will present on a Saturday.

Second Target Masjid: Masjid Abu Bakr As-siddiq *2 volunteers will present Saturday.

LOG Team

First Target Masjid: Masjid Omar *Ummsakinah and Sahra will present LOG--Saturday

Second Target Masjid: Masjid Nur *Bintamina and a volunteer will present LOG--2 sisters halaqah---11-1, 2

Masjid Ibn Taymiyah—random halaqahs—will choose what day and time is convenient for all of us because this is the usual place us sisters go anyway. I suggest those already take class there as well as teaching there to incorporate either LOG or Route 114 in their schedule while there.

Masjid Ibn Taymiyah--Hala, Fatma, Rahma, Ruqiyah, Umran Elmi


Fatma/SagalShirdon--Evaluation forms
HayaAlFala/Sister Anonymous--Powerpoints
UmImarah---our overall editor for both sides.
Umran Elmi--new volunteer to help with Masjid Ibn Taymiyah

December—will begin and take off *Route 114
January—LOG*takes off

Hayl, change is on the rise...bismillah

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