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Whitney S
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Study Group Question

Asalaamuaikum if any of the Ustadhs could answer this for our study group for the Route 114 had this question brought up and we couldn't remember from the class, and if any of the students know for sure that's taken this class please feel free to chime in. Okay here's the question:

The different types of wahy that the Prophet SAW had gotten were direct wahy from Allah swt, sometimes in a dream, sometimes transmitted through from Angel Jibreel (in his natural state or when he'd come in the form of a man), and the other was the wahy when the Prophet SAW would hear ringing of a bell. Now we couldn't confirm in our study group whether the ringing of bell was direct wahy from Allah swt or was it when angel Jibreel was reaching him from another place. Please forgive me if this question is confusing but it was in all of our notes and the book and Allahu Alim we couldn't remember exactly which that one was, there were two main opinions from the study group: first one was the wahy that was like the ringing of the bell was direct wahy to the Prophet SAW, and the second opinion was that when it was the ringing of the bell sound for the Prophet SAW that was when the Angel Jibreel was contacting him through another world.

Please forgive me if its a confusing question but if you have taken this class or have heard of this you will know what I am talking about, insha'Allah we can get the answer before January 6th (Exam date)

Jazak Allahu Khayrn
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Ammar AlShukry
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Re: Study Group Question

Jibreel would come in two ways to Rasul Allah Sal Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam as mentioned in the following hadith:

"Sometimes it comes to me like the ringing of a bell, and that is the hardest for me, and when it leaves me I remember what it has said. And sometimes the angel appears to me in the likeness of a man and talks to me and I remember what he says."

1) When Jibreel would come like the ringing of the bell is when it would be hardest for Rasul Allah Sal Allahu Alayhi wa sallam.
2) When he would come in the form of a man and talk to him Sal Allahu Alayhi wa sallam is when it was easiest.

W'Allahu Alam
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